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Film Fun was a comic which ran from 1920 to 1962 and featured the exploits of various comic actors of the day.  There were 2 associated titles: Radio Fun and TV Fun, neither of which were as successful as Film Fun.  Film Fun ran for 2225 issues before merging into Buster in 1962.

The Tony Hancock Comic Strip first appeared in July 1958 and ran through to September 1962, a total of 218 editions.  It has also been a regular feature of our magazine.

The Society has a significant archive of these comics but it’s not the full set!  We have now added a further 8 editions to our archive which now stands at 198 editions.  These new additions can be viewed here.  The new editions are all from 1960 as follows: 2nd, 23rd and 30th July, 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th August and 1st October.

This means that we have just 20 editions to find to complete our archive: If any reader has an edition of Film Fun listed below, please can you email me at We would like to complete our archives with the actual physical edition but would be happy to scan in a copy so that at least our digital archive is complete.

The Film Fun that are ‘missing’ from the THAS archive are as follows:

30/08/58 00 10/10/59 00 10/09/60 0
08/11/58 17/10/59 17/09/60
20/06/59 24/10/59 24/09/60
08/08/59 31/10/59 08/10/60
12/09/59 09/07/60 14/01/61
26/09/59 16/07/60 15/09/62
03/10/59 03/09/60


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