New Book

Roger Ley has just published his new book: 'A Horse in the Morning' Amazon Kindle edition and a paperback version will be following shortly.

The book is described on Amazon as follows: 'This is a funny and extraordinary memoir of an engineer, teacher, actor, father and failed astronaut who tells us dramatic, mysterious and amusing stories with quirky British humour peppered with astringent asides'.  Roger was  a child actor who stood in for Nicholas Webb on the set of 'The Punch and Judy Man'

Roger Ley has advised the Society that: 'my experinces are described in my book 'A Horse in the Morning' which has just been released as an Amazon Kindle file and will be published as a paperback in a couple of weeks. Chapter four is a description of the set at Elstree and my experience of standing in for the child actor Nicholas Webb, who was a nephew of Sylvia Syms. I also mention John Le Mesurier who was on the set at the time. The download only costs about £2.50 and profits from sales will be donated to the 'Smile Train' charity'.

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