Freddie Davies Autobiography published

Freddie 'Parrotface' Davies' autobiography: 'Funny Bones: My Life in Comedy will be published by Scratching Shed Publishing Ltd on 31st July.

Freddie Davies appeared in The Blackpool Show which featured Tony Hancock as compere. Freddie has posted part of his performance on youtube and Hancock can be seen at the begining.  This entire show is also available for Society Members to hire.

Anthony Teague, co-author of the book, has advised that Hancock's apparently offhand intro: "And now, an English comedian" - was because a scriptwriter had written something really corny like "I've just seen Freddie Davies backstage, talking to a parrot!" and Freddie had asked Tony to do something different!

The book includes the story of Freddie's comedian grandfather, now totally forgotten, called Jack Herbert. In the 1920s Jack's feed in various revues was Sid Field, no less, and several people in a position to know  attested in a documentary that Field later used Jack Herbert's mannerisms in his own act. So it may be that Freddie Davies' grandfather inspired Hancock at one remove ..

The book is published on 31st July 2014 and a full synopsis can be found on the publishers website.

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