New Radio Shows Completed

The BBC has now completed the recording of 5 re-makes of Hancock's Half Hour radio episodes where the original recordings have been wiped.

The episodes re-recorded are The Hancock Festival, The New Neighbour, The Matador, The Breakfast Cereal and The Newspaper. 

The cast included Robin Sebastian as Kenneth Williams, Simon Greenall as Sid James, Kevin Eldon as Bill Kerr, Suzy Kane as Andree Melly and Kevin McNally as The Lad Himself, Tony Hancock.

It is expected that the episodes will be broadcast in November 2014 as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the broadcast of the first radio epsiode.  The website will be updated with details of the broadcast dates as soon as these are available and a review of the recordings of the shows will appear in the next edition of the Society's magazine: 'The Missing Page'.

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