Liz Fraser and Other Characters

Liz Fraser has just published her autobiography entitled 'Liz Fraser and Other Characters'. It is published by Signum Books with the ISBN: 978-0956653413. The Amazon description oif the book is as follows: 'Liz Fraser was one of British cinema's favourite leading ladies for three decades. Instantly recognisable as the star of five Carry On productions, she also appeared in the Confessions and Adventures films, as well as regularly appearing alongside such comedy legends as Tony Hancock and Peter Sellers. This is Liz's remarkable story, in her own words. Liz includes shocking revelations about some of her best-known co-stars, reveals the heartbreak behind her two marriages and discusses her courageous battles with cancer.'

The book has received excellent reviews and it has a number of items on Tony Hancock with whom Liz worked on the TV Hancock's Half Hour series.

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