Mar 17, 2018

James Hurn Crowd Funding

James is seeking to crowd fun the filming of his shows.
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Posted by: martin

James Hurn has launched a crowd funding page to enable James to film his Hancock and Co scripts.

James has this to say of the Project:

"This production will have myself playing all the roles. To achieve this successfully I will require a very professional team with the right equipment. For example a make up artist that specialises in prosthetics, camera crew, sound, lighting etc.

I am very passionate about this project because it has always been an ambition of mine to create more visual content, where the original team finished. As a fan of Hancock's half hour and many other sitcoms of the time, I have always felt it a great shame that the creators were not able to continue their work."

You can read more and donate to the project at James's Crowd Funding Page.