The Missing Hancocks Series 4

Recording of The Missing Hancocks Series 4 started on the 3rd September with the next recording session taking place on 24th September and final sessions scheduled for the New Year. Reprising the same cast as previously with Kevin McNally as Tony Hancock, Kevin Eldon as Bill Kerr, Simon Greenall as Sid James, Margaret Cabourn-Smith as Moira Lister and Susy Kane as Andree Melly, these recreations are expected to be as fantastic as the previous 3 series.

This final series will see the recreation of all of the missing epsiodes that have not yet been remade and will, therefore, feature seven episodes as follows:

From Series 1 of Hancock's Half Hour:

  • The Diamond Ring
  • The Department Store Santa (recorded 3rd September)
  • Christmas at Aldershot (recorded 24th September)
  • The Christmas Eve Party (recorded 24th September)

From Series 2 of Hancock's Half Hour:

  • Prime Minister Hancock

From Series 3 of Hancock's Half Hour:

  • The Winter Holiday (recorded 3rd September)
  • The New Year Resolutions

No details of planned broadcast dates are known yet but the website will be updated as soon as we have this information.

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