Hancock Collectibles Vol 1

The artwork for the Hancock Collectibles CD release has now been issued.

This will be the first of a series of 4 sets of CDs. The collection will feature material that the THAS and Ted Kendall have been collating over the past year, along with a range of material from the BBC archives that, in many cases, has been unheard for decades.

The contents can, essentially, be divided into four categories:

  • Material from Tony’s career before the advent of Hancock’s Half Hour;
  • Previously unheard off-air broadcasts or soundtracks of Hancock’s Half Hour;
  • Documentaries made in the decades following Tony’s death; and
  • A range of ultra-rare recordings of Tony (or related to Tony).

Current indications of set content are as follows:

A fascinating collection of rare and remastered broadcast material starring Tony Hancock, Sid James and others.

  • This first volume features the recently discovered soundtrack of The Horror Serial, a television episode of Hancock's Half Hour from 1959, plus remastered versions of the following radio shows: The Blackboard Jungle, The Student Prince and The Test Match.
  • Also included are previously unreleased editions of Variety Bandbox, Calling All Forces and Educating Archie, all featuring Tony Hancock, and a host of rare archive interviews with the lad 'imself.
  • From 1964, 'Ancock's Anthology finds Tony Hancock interviewing Stirling Moss.



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