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      Date: Jun  9, 2012
     Title: New Best of Hancock CD Release
Latest CD release combines most of the early 60's Pye Recordings / releases into 1 set.

Released on the Regis record label, this 2 CD set brings together most of the Pye recordings / releases from the early 1960’s into 1 set.  The only item that is missing from this release is ‘The Threatening Letters’ excerpts from ‘Pieces of Hancock’.  The CDs contain the following extracts:
CD1 (77 minutes) ‘The Wild Man of the Woods’ (29.29), ‘A Sunday Afternoon at Home’ (26.07) and ‘The East Cheam Drama Festival’ (21.45).
CD2 (78 minutes) ‘The Publicity Photograph’ (12.25), ‘The Secret Life of Anthony Hancock’ (9.14), ‘The Blood Donor’ (28.18) and ‘The Radio Ham’ (27.55)

For full details, please see Hancock on CD Part 4.