Unused Scripts

Over the run of Hancock's Half Hour, Galton & Simpson wrote just 10 scripts (9 television and 1 radio) that were never made into a Hancock's Half Hour show.  Sometimes this was down to topical references that, due to last minute world events, made a show impossible to make.  At other times, Tony wasn't happy with a script and a new show had to be written.  However, given that 166 Hancock's Half Hour programmes were made (103 radio and 63 television), to only have 10 unused scripts really shows the quality of the writing of Ray and Alan. Here follows a synopsis of each of the unmade shows.

The Counterfeiter (Radio - 1955)

As a conseqence of this script not being used, the epsiode of Cinderella Hancock was re-made to replace it.

Tony is fed up with Biull sponging off him and gives him an ultimatum: get a job or no more free dinners. After a few unsuccessful attempts Tony finds him work at Sid's printing firm, only Sid is printing counterfeit money.

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