Series 6

Broadcast between 29th September 1959 and 29th December 1959, this series comprised 14 episodes all of which survive in the archive.  The series was broadcast on Tuesdays at 20:00 and repeated on Sundays at 18:30. Episode 13 was also repeated at 13:10 on Friday 29th December 1959.

Cast comprised Tony Hancock, Sidney James and Bill Kerr (except episode 13).  This series was the first to feature a significant number of guest performers, all of which are detailed below.

1 The Smugglers 29.9.59

(with Kenneth Williams, Patricia Hayes and Noel Dryden) Hancock, Bill and Sid are on a cross channel ferry returning from a holiday in Europe when Sid persuades Hancock and Bill to smuggle some watches into the country for him.

2 The Childhood Sweetheart 6.10.59

(with Kenneth Williams and Patricia Hayes) It's 25 years since Hancock bade farewell to his childhood sweetheart and now is the time that they agreed to meet again.  Hancock takes Bill and Sid with him to their agreed meeting place but which one is Olive?

3 The Last Bus Home 13.10.59

(with Warren Mitchell and Hugh Morton) Hancock, Bill and Sid have been to the cinema but are unable to get on the last bus home.  They decide to walk just as it starts to rain.  But Bill knows a short cut...

4 The Picnic 20.10.59

(with Wilfred Babbage, Patricia Hayes, Anne Lancaster and Elizabeth Fraser) Hancock, Bill and Sid go out for a picnic with three girls they picked up at the Palais the previous evening.  But the girls have rather different plans for the day than the boys!

5 The Gourmet 27.10.59

(with Warren Mitchell, Hugh Morton and Raymond Glendenning) Hancock believes that he is a gourmet but things go awry when Sid enters him for an eating competition.

6 The Elopement 3.11.59

(with Lillian Grasson, Wilfred Babbage, Fraser Kerr and Leigh Crutchley) Bill has fallen in love with a rich girl whose father has forbidden him to marry her.  So Sid and Hancock arrange for an elopement to Gretna Green.

7 Fred's Pie Stall 10.11.59

(with Wilfred Babbage, Hugh Morton and Harry Towb) Hancock's regular eating place is Fred's Pie Stall in Cheam High Street.  When it is threatened with closure by the Council, Hancock sets out to save it.

8 The Waxwork 17.11.59

(with Warren Mitchell) Hancock is honoured when Madam Tussuad's want to make a waxwork of him.  But Sid believes that it would be better if they set up their own waxworks with Hancock as the star model.

9 Sid's Mystery Tours 24.11.59

(with Warren Mitchell, Errol McKinnon and Mavis Villers) Hancock sees Sid's advert in the paper for local mystery tours and goes along to see what Sid is up to. But Sid persuades Hancock to become a director of the Company and then Hancock discovers that it doesn't even own a coach.

10 The Fete 1.12.59

(with Wilfred Babbage, Jack Watson and Hugh Morton) Hancock is a member of the organising Committee for the local fete.  But when all his ideas are ignored he desperately suggests that he can get Sir Laurence Olivier to open the fete but when Sir Laurence is unavailable, Hancock comes up with an alternative!

11 The Poetry Society 8.12.59

(with Fenella Fielding , Fraser Kerr and Warren Mitchell) Hancock joins a new avante-garde group at the local coffee house.  But when he holds the abstract poetry reading evening at 23 Railway Cuttings, there are unexpected results!

12 Hancock In Hospital 15.12.59

(with Patricia Hayes and Joan Frank) Hancock is in hospital with a broken leg...and no visitors.  But then Sid and Bill arrive and Hancock wishes that they had stayed at home!

13 The Christmas Club 22.12.59

(without Bill Kerr; with Hugh Morton, Wilfred Babbage and Frank Partington) Hancock has been putting money into the slate club at the Hand and Racquet pub to ensure that he has the best Christmas ever.  But when Sid accidentally gives all of the savings to the Police Benevolent Fund collection, they face a Christmas without food.

14 The Impersonator 29.12.59

(with Anne Lancaster, Peter Goodwright, Ronald Wilson, Jerry Stovin, Wilfred Babbage and Jack Watson) Hancock has become a success as a serious actor. But when an impression of Hancock is used in a cornflake advert, his career is ruined.  So Hancock sues.

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