Series 5

Broadcast between 21st January 1958 and 3rd June 1958, this series comprised 20 episodes all of which survive in the archive.  The series was broadcast on Tuesdays at 20:00 except numbers 10, 12 and 14, which were broadcast at 20:31.  All episodes were repeated on Thursdays at 21:00.

Cast comprised Tony Hancock, Bill Kerr, Sidney James, Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques.

1 The New Radio Series 19.1.58

Hancock returns to radio 'big-headed' from the success of his television series and decides to retire.  But when he discovers that the BBC are planning to replace him with 'Kerr's Half Hour' he changes his mind.

2 The Scandal Magazine 28.1.58

(with John Vere) Hancock discovers that he is featured in an expose in a magazine called 'Balbbermouth'. When he sues the magazine, he discovers that it is run by none other than Sidney James!

3 The Male Suffragettes 4.2.58

Hancock and Sid start a new movement to re-establish male dominance but they hadn't reckoned with Hancock's Mum!

4 The Insurance Policy 11.2.58

Miss Pugh persuades Hancock that he needs to take out life insurance but when he buys his insurance from Sid James at a premium greater than his income, he decides that he needs to find a way to make a claim.

5 The Publicity Photograph 18.2.58

Hancock is persuaded that his publicity photographs are holding him back so he agrees to have a new one taken.  Hancock is very pleased with the photo when it arrives, even though it has been heavily re-touched.  But all is not well when he has to have plastic surgery and also undertake gruelling training in order to make the real Hancock match his new photo.

6 The Unexploded Bomb 25.2.58

(with Alan Simpson) A quiet tea with the vicar takes an unexpected turn when Hancock discovers an unexploded bomb in his wine cellar.  Sid is very pleased because he wants to use the site of Hancock's house for a used car lot.  But then he hears a ticking sound!

7 Hancock's School 4.3.58

Hancock's teaching skills are the talk of the neighbourhood when neighbours see the improvement in Bill.  But then Sid persuades Hancock to convert his house into a private school with Hancock, Sid, Miss Pugh and Bill as teachers!

8 Around The World In Eighty Days 11.3.58

Hancock is bet £2000 that he cannot get round the world in eighty days believing that in this day of modern travel the task would be easy! But with issues with fog, cancelled planes and missing visas, he decides eventually to book on a world cruise.

9 The Americans Hit Town 18.3.58

(with Alan Simpson) Hancock is not impressed when the US Air Forces sets up a base in Cheam until he realises how much he can make on over inflated prices for renting out rooms. But the sudden appearance of a Council Inspector leads to Hancock impersonating the tenants and being required to 'take a bomber up'.

10  The Election Candidate 25.3.58

(with Alan Simpson) Hancock has become fixed on collecting a series of plastic guardsmen given away free with his breakfast cereal when his breakfast is interrupted by the local Liberal Party, who requests Hancock to stand as their local candidate in the East Cheam by-election. Hancock agrees.  But will the consolation prize enable Hancock to complete his  collection of guardsmen?

11 Hancock's Car 1.4.58

(with Alan Simpson) Hancock has Sid and Bill cleaning his car every day but when a Policeman calls asking Hancock to move his car as the Council wishes to resurface the road, they discover that it hasn't been moved for ten years!

12 The East Cheam Drama Festival 8.4.58

(with Kathleen O'Hagan on piano) The cast take a break from their regular characters and instead perform 3 short plays: 'Jack's Return Home', 'Look Back In Hunger' and The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven and the Songs that Made him Famous'.

13 The Foreign Legion 15.4.58

Hancock is booked to entertain the troops in Malta but Sid diverts him and, unknown to Hancock, he joins the French Foreign Legion.

14 A Sunday Afternoon At Home 22.4.58

Hancock is stuck indoors at 23 Railway Cuttings ans whiles away a wet Sunday afternoon in complete boredom.  But then the neighbour calls...

15 The Grappling Game 29.4.58

Sid is now a wrestling promoter and discovers a new wrestler in Miss Pugh.

16 The Junk Man 6.5.58

Hancock decides to have a clean out and starts with a drawer of rubbish.  But he puts almost everything back! When Sid James calls in the guise of his new profession as a rag and bone man, Miss Pugh sells some of Hancock's treasured possessions to him whilst he is out of the room.  Hancock is determined to get them back!

17 Hancock's War 13.5.58

Hancock decides to show the Vicar his snapshots and everyone else leaves the room in protest. But Hancock persuades the Vicar that he was in MI5 during the War and regales him with details of his exploits.

18 The Prize Money 20.5.58

(with Patricia Hayes, Christina Horniman and Alan Simpson)

Hancock wins £4,000 in a television quiz.  When Sid finds out he makes plans to relieve Hancock of the money and enlists the aid of two 'deserted wives'!

19 The Threatening Letters 27.5.58

(with Alan Simpson) Hancock receives several threatening letters from Durham.  Failing to enlist any help from the Police, Hancock barricades himself in the house.  But just who is that coming up the garden Path!?

20 The Sleepless Night 3.6.58

Hancock goes to bed very early determined to get a good night's sleep before the start of his new Radio show the following morning.  But everything conspires against him.

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