ITV Series 5: Hancock's

The fifth series for ITV was simply entitled 'Hancock's'.   In this series, Hancock plays the manager of a Nightclub with Hancock's own sketches interspersed with those of different guests each week. Broadcast between June and July 1967, the show was written by John Muir and Eric Green and directed by Mark Stuart.

None of the series survives although a short off-air extract exists which comprises the end of one of the episodes and this is available for hire in the THAS DVD library.

Episode 1 broadcast 16.6.67

With Edward Evans, Bernadette Milnes, Bob Todd, Harry Davis and guest star Vikki Carr.

The Look Westward TV listings magazine contained an article on the show and featured Hancock on the front cover.

Episode 2 broadcast 23.6.67

With Kenneth J. Warren, Harry Davis, Michael Lomax, Nicholas Brent, Jerry Homes, Joan Crane, Margot Maxine and guest star Carmen MacRae.

Episode 3 broadcast 30.6.67

With Damaris Hayman, Frank Crawshaw, Jane Hann, John Terry and guest star Dick Haymes.

The listing of this show in the TV World magazine can be seen here.

Episode 4 broadcast 4.7.67

With Nora Nicholson, Arthur Hewlett, Damaris Hayman, Jay Denyer, Harry Davis, Yvonne Horner and guest star Vikki Carr.

Episode 5 broadcast 11.7.67

With Richard Caldicot, Jack Allen, Tottie Truman Taylor, Robert Cawdron, Amy Dalby, Barry Kennington, Janet Webb and guest star Marion Montgomery.

Episode 6 broadcast 18.7.67

With Arthur Mullard, Tottie Truman Taylor, Robin Hunter, Carmel Cryan, Frank Littlewood, Anthony Dawes, Walter Horsbrugh, Robert Raglan, Claire Davenport, Dickie Martin, Parnell McGarry and guest star Frankie Randall.

The TV Times listing of the show can be seen here.

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