ITV Series 4: The Blackpool Show

The fourth series for ITV was a complete departure for Hancock from his previous shows.  The programme was broadcast from the stage of the ABC Theatre Blackpool and featured Tony Hancock as compere (except episodes 6 and 8) with regular cast comprising John Junkin, Peter Gordeno and the dancers, Bob Sharples and the ABC Television showband.   Each episode featured a number of guests which are detailed below. Broadcast between June and August 1966, the show was written by John Muir and Eric Green.

Programme 7 exists on a 16mm telerecording and this film is held by the British Film Institute (BFI).  Although no video or DVD release of this programme has been made available, a recording is in the public domain and a copy can be hired from the DVD library.

A programme was produced for the audience and a copy of this can be viewed here.

Pilot Programme recorded 12.6.66 (Not Broadcast)

With Keith Harris, Gordon and Bunny Jaye, Toni Eden and Al Saxon.

Episode 1 broadcast 19.6.66

With Matt Munro, Hope and Keen, Marian Montgomery, Ray Alan with Lord Charles and Deryck Guyler.

The TV World for this week included an article looking at Tony Hancock and Tommy Cooper, both of whom were starting new shows this week.

Episode 2 broadcast 26.6.66

With Kathy Kirby, Arthur Askey, The Dallas Boys and Lee Alan

Episode 3 broadcast 3.7.66

With The Bachelors, Allan Sherman, Tony Crawley and Barbara Law

Episode 4 broadcast 10.7.66

With Frankie Howerd, The Kaye Sisters and Lenny the Lion with Terry Hall.

Episode 5 broadcast 17.7.66

With Mike and Bernie Winters, Roy Castle, Arthur Worsley and Elaine Taylor.

Episode 6 broadcast 24.7.66

Tony Hancock absent and replaced by Dave Allen as host with guests including Jimmy Clitheroe, and The Seekers.

Episode 7 broadcast 31.7.66

With Jeannie Carson, Bob Monkhouse, Freddie Davis and The Rockin' Berries.

Episode 8 broadcast 7.8.66

Tony Hancock absent and replaced by Bruce Forsyth as host with guests including Peter Goodright, Anita Harris and Morgan James Duo.

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