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The third series for ITV was simply entitled 'Hancock'.  Broadcast between January and March 1963, the show was written by Terry Nation (episodes 1, 9, 11 and 12), Godfrey Harrison (episodes 2, 4, 5, 6 and 10) and Richard Harris and Dennis Spooner (episodes 7, 8 and 13.

The entire series exists on 16mm telerecordings and these films are held by the British Film Institute (BFI).  Although no video or DVD release of this series has been made available, a recording of episodes 1, 3, 5, 8, 9 and 12 are in the public domain and copies can be hired from the DVD library.

Unlike the earlier ITV series each episode was a single story with a different cast each week.

1 The Assistant 3.1.63

Main cast comprises: Martita Hunt, Kenneth Griffith, Adrienne Poster, Patrick Cargill, Mario Fabrizi, Annie Leake, Jennifer Tippet, Rory McDermot and Alex Farell.

Hancock is challenged by a Department Store Manager to work in the store for a week without being rude to the customers.

The TV Times contained part 1 of it's article entitled Hancock

2 The Eye Witness 10.1.63

Main Cast comprises Peter Vaughan, Allan Cuthbertson, John Cater, Pauline Yates, Joan Benham, Keith Pyott, Maitland Moss, Geoffrey Denton, Lane Meddick, Robin Chapman and Gareth Robinson.

Hancock is the unwitting witness to a bank robbery and insists on helping the police in their investigations.

The TV Times contained part 2 of it's article entitled Hancock.

3 Shooting Star 17.1.63

Main cast comprises Denholm Elliott, Frances Rowe, Hilda Barry, Sally Anne Shaw, Robin Hunter, Stuart Guidotti, Alf Mangan, Tracy Vernon, Irena Rodzianko, Donald Groves and Bud Strait.

A film director decides that to aim for 'realsim' in his film, he needs to use non-professional actors.  Hiring Tony for the part he doesn't get reality but incompetence!

The TV Times contained part 3 of it's article entitled Hancock.

4 The Girl 24.1.63

Main cast comprises Judith Stott, Dennis Price, Edna Petrie, Norman Chappell, Robin Wentworth, Patsy Smart, Dany Clare, Fred MacNaughton, and Nancy Nevinson.

Hancock meets a pretty nurse but he doesn't find out her name.  So he goes to the hospital to try to track her down.

The TV Times contained part 4 of it's article entitled Hancock.

5 The Man On The Corner 31.1.63

Main cast comprises Geoffrey Keen, James Villiers, Wilfrid Lawson, Tenniel Evans, Peter Welch, John Bluthal, Moyra Fraser, Sheila Bernette, Pamela Greer, Geraldine Sherman, John Evitts, Basil Beale and Jack Howlett

Hancock is convinced he has seen a spy.  When he reports it to MI5, they recruit him to keep him quiet but he sees the spy again and phones in to ask MI5 for instructions.

6 The Memory Test 7.2.63

Main cast comprises Edward Chapman, Wilfrid Lawson, Gerald Harper, Shaw Taylor, Anthony Sagar, John Rutland, Maureen Pryor and Reginald Green.

Hancock is invited to take part in an edition of 'This Is Your Life' for his old Wing Commander from many years ago. Hancock agrees but the problem is he can't remember the Wing Commander!

A ticket for this show can be seen here.

7 The Early Call 14.2.63

Main cast comprises John Bluthal as the 'voice on the radio'.

Hancock books an alarm call for the next morning as he is unable to rely on his alarm clock. and  it is essential that he gets up on time. But he then spends the night worrying that he won't hear the alarm call.

8 The Craftsman 21.2.63

Main cast comprises Thomas Heathcote, Glyn Dale, Harry Brunning and Brian Wilde.

Hancock watches a master craftsman teaching DIY techniques on the television but believes that it's easy and anyone can do it.  He puts this theory to the test when an acquaintance asks him to build a wardrobe whilst his wife is away.

9 The Night Out 28.2.63

Main cast comprises Derek Nimmo, Donald Hewlett, Billy Milton, Patsy Smart, Marina Martin, Donald Tandy, Ian Anderson, Pedro Navarro, John Pugh, Leslie Taussig, Eva May Wong and Karen Carina.

Hancock wakes up in the morning with a hangover.  But just who are the crowd of strangers in the room with him?

10 The Politician 7.3.63

Main cast comprises John Le Mesurier, Nora Nicholson, John Ronane, Diane Clare, Hazel Hughes, Richard Waring, Gareth Robinson, Ronnie Brody, Sheila Raynor, Thomas Kyffin, John Herrington and George Curtis

Hancock witnesses a street corner speaker and decides to take up oratory himself.

11 The Reporter 14.3.63

Main cast comprises Olaf Pooley, David Lander, Michael Aldridge, Clare Owen, Wilfred Carter, John Kidd and Kendrick Owen.

Hancock starts a new job as a reporter with the local newspaper.  But chaos ensues when he reports on a Society wedding.

12 The Writer 21.3.63

Main cast comprises Francis Matthews, John Junkin, Jean Burgess, Pete Murray, Stuart Saunders and Frikki Alberti

Hancock meets up with a TV comedian and tells him that he needs to find new writers.  Hancock volunteers but then can't think of any jokes.

Tony Hancock appeared on the front coverr of the TV Times this week.

13 The Escort 28.3.63

Main cast comprises Reginald Beckwith, Maggie Fitzgibbon, Harry Towb, Arthur Lovegrove, Anthony Dawes, Joy Stewart, April Wilding, Robert Mill, Michael Oxley and Valerie Cooney.

Hancock is employed by an escort agency but he hasn't bargained for the boisterous Australian millionairess who is his first assignment.

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