ITV Series 2 Jack Hylton Presents The Tony Hancock Show

The second series for ITV was also entitled 'Jack Hylton Presents The Tony Hancock Show'.  Broadcast between November 1956 and January 1957 at fortnightly intervals, the show was written by Eric Sykes (episodes 1 - 4) and Ray Galton & Alan Simpson (episodes 5 - 6 although they were uncredited).  None of the shows have survived and little information exists about the cast details.  The first four episodes had titles but the last 2 were untitled and only brief details of sketch names are known.

1 Hancock The Man of the Moment 16.11.56 Live

With Bill Shine

2 Honneur et Fidelite 30.11.56 Live

3 The Further Adventures of Hancock 14.12.56 Live

With Bill Fraser and Helen Boult

4 Weather Or Not 28.12.56 Live

5 Untitled 11.1.57 Live

With Sam Kydd, John Vere, Dennis Bowen, Terence Alexander and Betty Huntley-Wright

Sketch Names: Napoleon and Josephine / The Tailor / The Fireman

6 Untitled 25.1.57 Live

Sketch Names: The Odd Job Man / The Woolwich Ferry / The Court Jester

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