ITV Series 1 Jack Hylton Presents The Tony Hancock Show

The first series for ITV was entitled 'Jack Hylton Presents The Tony Hancock Show'.  Broadcast between April and June 1956, the show was written by Eric Sykes (with Larry Stephens co-writing episodes 1 and 2.  The entire series exists on 35mm telerecordings and these films are held by the British Film Institute (BFI).  Although no video or DVD release of this series has been made available, a recording of episode 4 is in the public domain and a copy can be hired from the DVD library.

Cast comprises Tony Hancock, June Whitfield (episodes 1 - 5), Clive Dunn, John Vere and the Teenagers.  The show was in sketch format and the details below contain the titles of the individual sketches.

Episode 1 Broadcast 27.4.56 Live

With Dick Emery, Pamela Deeming and guitarist Emil Bibobi

Sketch names: Opening Party / Coffee Bar / A Street Car Names Desire / Spanish Dance

Episode 2 Broadcast 4.5.56 Live

With Dick Emery, Bernard Livesey, Jimmy White and Roy Bartley

Sketch names: Massage / Library / Armand and Michaela Denis / Balinese Dancing

Episode 3 Broadcast 11.5.56 Live

With the Barney Galbraith Singers

Sketch names: Audition / Agent's Office / Theatrical Costumier / Dressing Room . Musical Comedy

Episode 4 Broadcast 18.56.56 Live

With Ronan O'Casey, Valerie Frazer, Cyril Renison, Lizabeth Cassay and Eric Sykes

Sketch names: Office / Courtroom / Nightclub (Chez Hancock)

A copy of this epsiode is available to hire in the Society's DVD library

Episode 5 Broadcast 25.5.56 Live

With Robert Arden, Sam Kydd, Dorothy Blythe and Neale Warrington

Sketch names: Albert Hall, Embankment, Gun Law, Conjurer, Calypso Dancing.

Episode 6 Broadcast 1.6.56 Live

With Hattie Jacques, Ray Browne, Neale Warrington and Valentine DyallJune Whitfield does not appear in this episode.

Sketch names: Auctioneer / 'Death Of A Duchess'.

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