BBC TV Series 7

Re branded as 'Hancock', this series was broadcast between 26th May 1961 and 30th June 1961.  The series comprised 6 episodes  all of which survive in the BBC Archive. The series was broadcast weekly on Fridays at 2000 and each episode ran for 25 minutes rather than the half hour running time of episodes in the previous series..  There were no repeats during the run.

Regular cast comprised Tony Hancock with the main cast members detailed under each individual episode below (under development).

1 The Bedsitter 26.5.61

Hancock is alone in his Earl's Court bed-sit and tries to master a Bertrand Russell book, fails to get the TV work and almost gets invited to a party.

Main cast comprised: Michael Aspel

2 The Bowmans 2.6.61

Hancock plays the part of Old Joshua Merryweather in the radio show The Bowmans (which sounds rather similar to The Archers). But his behaviour and the number of different dialects that he uses causes him to be thrown off the show.  But public opinion demands his return to the show so Hancock returns but he demands a few changes!

Main cast comprised: Brian Oulton, Constance Chapman, Meadows White, Peter Glaze, Alec Bregonzi, Gwenda Ewan, Ralph Wilson, Patrick Cargill, William Sherwood, Victor Platt, Hugh Lloyd, Bruno Barnabe and Dennis Chinnery.

3 The Radio Ham 9.6.61

Hancock has bought himself a radio transmitter / receiver and he is able to converse with remote parts of the world discussing the weather and playing games of Snakes and Ladders and Chess. But when Hancock receives a 'Mayday' call he has to contend with the landlady's husband and unco-operative electricity meters!

Main cast comprised: Bernard Peake, Annie Leake, Edwin Richfield, Bernard Hunter, Andrew Faulds, John Bluthal, Geoffrey Matthews, Honor Shepherd and Geoffrey Lewis

4 The Lift 16.6.61

Hancock is the ninth passenger in a lift design to take 8.  When the lift sticks he tries to raise every-body's spirits but manages to annoy all of the other passengers.

Main cast comprised: Charles Lloyd Pack, Diana King, Jack Watling, John Le Mesurier, Noel Howlett, Colin Gordon, Jose Reed, Hugh Lloyd, William Sherwood, Ralph Wilson and James Fitzgerald.

5 The Blood Donor 23.6.61

Hancock decides to give a pint of blood. But he is alarmed when he discovers he has to give very nearly an armful...and he is determined to find who it goes to!

Main cast comprised: June Whitfield, Patrick Cargill, Peggy Ann Clifford, Hugh Lloyd, Anne Marryott, Jean Marlow, Frank Thornton and James Ottoway.

6 The Succession - Son and Heir 30.6.61

Hancock decides that it's time to have children to 'carry on the line'. He selects 3 eligible girls and proposes to all 3 but  is refused. Whilst he is still arguing with the third, the other 2 return having changed their minds.

Main cast comprised: Myrtle Reed, June Whitfield and Gwenda Ewan.


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