BBC TV Series 6

Broadcast between 4th March 1960 and 6th May 1960, this series comprised 10 episodes and all survive in the BBC Archive. The series was broadcast weekly on Fridays at 2030 except episodes 8 - 10 on Fridays 1930. There were no repeats during the run.

Regular cast comprised Tony Hancock and Sid James, with the main cast members detailed under each individual episode below (under development).

Trailer for the 6th Series (2nd Series in Australia)

Short trailer made for Australian TV in which Hancock discusses some of his possessions and introdues Sid James.  This trailer survives in the BBC archive but has not received a DVD release to date. Cast was just Tony Hancock and Sid James. A copy can be hired from the DVD library .






1 The Cold 4.3.60

Hancock has suffered from cold after cold during the winter and has tried all of the various medicines on the market.  In desperation, he tries the local witch-doctor but she fails to 'draw out the cold'.  So Sid persuades Hancock that a keep-fit course is required but with unexpected results.

Main cast comprised: John Le Mesurier, Hugh Lloyd, Patricia Hayes, Anne Marryott, Richard Statman, Herbert Nelson and Tom Clegg.

2 The Missing Page 11.3.60

Hancock takes out a murder mystery book from the library.  When he discovers that the last page is missing, he is determined to work out who the culprit is.  But when he finds that it's too complicated to work out he decides to track down a copy of the complete book.

Main cast comprised: Hugh Lloyd, George Coulouris, Gordon Philpott, Tottie Trueman Taylor, Peggy Anne Clifford, Joanna Douglas, Kenneth Kove, Gibb McLaughlin, John Vyvyan, Alec Bregonzi, James Bulloch, Frank Littlewood and Ray Grover.

3 The Emigrant 18.3.60

Hancock decides that he will emigrate but no-one will take him.  Knowing Sid's past, he asks Sid for assistance but the 'luxury cruise liner' Sid arranges has a very short gang plank and a very unusual crew!

Main cast comprised: Brian Oulton, Gordon Sterne, Joe Enrikie, Alec Bregonzi, David Lander and John Bramley.

4 The Reunion Party 25.3.60

Hancock decides to hold a reunion with his wartime pals.  But a lot of time has elapsed since he last saw them and people do change!

Main cast comprised: Sidney Vivian, Hugh Lloyd, Eileen Way, Cardew Robinson, Laurie Webb, Clive Dunn and Robert Dorning.

5 Sid In Love 1.4.60

Sid has fallen in love with the conductress of a 93 bus but he doesn't know how to approach her.  Seeking Hancock's advice, Sid travels on the bus but his attempts cause chaos both with the conductress and the driver....who is her husband!

Main cast comprised: Joan Heal, Hugh Lloyd, Robert Dorning, James Bulloch, John Vyvyan, Vi Stevens, Peggy Ann Clifford, John Bramley, Douglas Robinson and Denny Dayviss.

6 The Babysitters 8.4.60

Hancock and Sid decide to earn some extra cash by signing on as babysitters.  The pleasant evening is spoiled when they start arguing over the TV and the baby starts crying.  But who are those 2 extra visitors?

Main cast comprised: Terence Alexander, Annabelle Lee, Herbert Nelson, Alec Bregonzi, Robert Dorning, Patrick Milner and Michael Earl.

7 The Ladies' Man 15.4.60

Hancock has had no success with the ladies so he decides to enrol in a charm school course and he dreams about the outcome.  But when he leaves the school, the reality is a little different!

Main cast comprised: Brian Oulton, Robert Dorning, Elizabeth Fraser, Annabelle Lee, Laura Thurlow, Honor Shepherd, Laurie Webb, Barbara Evans, Gwenda Ewan, Arthur Mullard, George Crowther, Herbert Nelson, Harry Robbins, Stan Simmons, John Vyvyan, Bert Waller and Eleanor Fazan.

8 The Photographer 22.4.60

Hancock has broken his ancient camera so he decides to invest in the latest technology.  His attempts to take shots of diners in a restaurant end up with him being thrown out.  With the first payment on the equipment due, he needs a photo of an incident to sell to the local papers...but Sid's idea involving Hancock as the subject go badly wrong!

Main cast comprised: William Kendall, Herbert Hare, Hugh Lloyd, Robert Dorning, Tottie Trueman Taylor, Laura Thurlow, Joanna Douglas, Edward Malin, Murray Kash, Laurie Webb, Anthony Shirvell, Michael Earl, Kenneth Firth, Phillip Howard, John Vyvyan and Ann Bassett.

9 The East Cheam Centenary 29.4.60

It's the centenary of the Borough of East Cheam and Hancock has arranged for the BBC to have exclusive TV rights to the celebratory procession. Unfortunately, the Mayor has sold exclusive rights to ITV and the route of the procession doesn't go past Hancock's house where the BBC have set up.  Hancock is forced to take drastic steps and provide his own procession at short notice!

Main cast comprised: Robert Dorning, Cameron Hall, Hugh Lloyd, James Bulloch, Edward Malin, Lala Lloyd, Evelyn Lund, Brian Oulton, Leslie Perrins, Anne Marryott, Sidney Vivian, John Snagge, Astor Sklair, Sylvia Osborn, Frank Littlewood, George Crowther, Herbert Nelson, John Vyvyan, John Bramley, Michael Earl, James Langley, Michael Phillips and John Bosch.

10 The Poison Pen Letters 6.5.60

Hancock is upset by a steady stream of unpleasant letters.  But when the police keep a watch on the postbox where the letters are being posted, Sid discovers that Hancock has been writing the letters to his sleep!

Main cast comprised: Patricia Hayes, John Welsh, Anna Churcher, Tottie Truman Taylor and Andrew Lieven.


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