BBC TV Series 3

Broadcast between 30th September 1957 and 23rd December 1957 this series comprised 12 episodes all of which were broadcast live of which episodes 5, 9, 10, 11 and 12 survive in the BBC Archives. The series was broadcast weekly on Mondays at 2002. There were no repeats during the run.

Regular cast comprised Tony Hancock and Sid James, with the main cast members detailed under each individual episode below.

1 The Continental Holiday 30.9.57

Hancock has been on holiday abroad and he tells Sid of his exploits in which he foiled an international gang of smugglers.

Main cast comprised: Anton Diffring, Tutte Lemkow, Peter Allenby, George Elliott, Mario Fabrizi, Edouard Assaly, Peter Elliott, Alec Bregonzi, Anthony Shirvell, Bruce Wightman, David Grahame, Arthur Bennett, Eugenie Sivyer, Leslie Smith, Richard Statman, Manville Tarrant and Thomas Symonds.

2 The Great Detective 7.10.57

Hancock dreams of becoming the great detective 'Sexton Hancock' and proceeds to unravel a complicated murder plot.

Main cast comprised: John Vere, Peggy Ann Clifford, Cameron Hall, Eveyn Lund, Graham Leaman, Terence Alexander, Paddy Edwards, Tottie Trueman Taylor, Pat Coombs, Gordon Philpott, Manville Tarrant, Anne Reid, James Bulloch, Patrick Milner, Peter Emms, Basil Beale and John Vyvyan

3 The Amusement Arcade 14.10.57

Sid has set up an amusement arcade but when Hancock finds out he leads a campaign to have it closed down. Meanwhile, Hancock seeks election to the Council but when Sid's arcade is closed down he moves Hancock's house!

Main cast comprised: Bill Fraser, John Vere, Evelyn Lund, Rose Howlett, Elizabeth Gott, Peggy Ann Clifford, Claude Bonser, Manville Tarrant, Con Courtney, Leslie Smith, Patrick Milner, Bruce Wightman, Richard Statman, Alan Simpson, Alec Bregonzi, Dick Emery, John Vyvyan, Thomas Symonds, Anthony Shirvell, Ray Grover, Anthony Wiles, Pat Warren and Iris Eve

4 A Holiday in Scotland 21.10.57

Hancock is told by the Doctor he must get fit.  But when Hancock takes an unwilling Sid on  a hunting holiday to Scotland, they get snowed in.

Main cast comprised: Raymond Huntley, Iain Macnaughton, Richard Statman, Anne Marryott, Eileen Delamare, Manville Tarrant, John Vyvyan, George Crowther and Charles Julian.

5 Air Steward Hancock - The Last of Many 28.10.57

Hancock takes on a new job as an air steward.  But when one of the passengers on his first flight is Sid who is on the run from the police and the other passengers include four police offices looking for a bank robber, Hancock's first landing doesn't go quite as expected!

Main cast comprised: Leslie Smith, Richard Statman, Philip Carr, Stuart Hillier, Anne Marryott, John Vere, Peter Allenby, John Vyvyan, Basil Beale , Bill Fraser James Bulloch, Manville Tarrant, Dave Freeman and Alec Bregonzi.

6 The Regimental Reunion 4.11.57

Hancock, a junior clerk in a City office for 19 years, receives a promotion when his army friends, who met at  a reunion, place large orders with the firm. However, they are all fraudulent orders and Sid has the takings!

Main cast comprised: Campbell Singer, Claude Bonser, Alec Bregonzi,, Con Courtney,, Bruce Wightman,, Manville Tarrant, John Vyvyan, Terence Alexander,, Graham Leaman, Guy Middleton, Stuart Hillier, Cameron Hall, John Vere, Raymond Rollett, Peter Allenby, George Crowther, Arthur Mullard, Harry Robbins and Harry Lane.

7 The Adopted Family 11.11.57

Hancock needs to get to the top of the waiting list for a Council House but to do this he needs a wife and four children. So he adopts Sid and four of his mates but then he can't get rid of them!

Main cast comprised: Anne Marryott, Ian Fleming, Pamela Manson, John Vere, Patrick Milner, Anne Reid,, Stuart Hillier, Hugh Lloyd, Mario Fabrizi, John Vyvyan and Manville Tarrant.

Repeat of The Alpine Holiday - 18.11.57

Repeat of Series 2 Episode 1.  See Series 2 for full details

8 The Elocution Teacher 25.11.57

Famous actor Jack Hawkins takes elocution lessons with Hancock and is reduced to being the leader of a rock-and-roll group.

Main cast comprised: Jack Hawkins, John Vere, Nora Nicholson, Mary Reynolds, Stuart Hillier and John Vyvyan.

9 The Lawyer: The Crown v. James, S: Hancock QC Defending 2.12.57

Hancock becomes a lawyer but when he defends an obviously guilty Sid James in court he finds himself the subject of a guilty verdict!

Main cast comprised: John Le Mesurier, Arthur Mullard, Raymond Rollett, John Vere, Hugh Lloyd, Claude Bonser, Bill Fraser, John Vyvyan, Anthony Shirvell, Manville Tarrant, Patrick Milner, Alec Bregonzi,, Richard Sullivan, Roger Ostime, Anne Marryot and John Foster.

10 How to Win Money and Influence People 9.12.57

Hancock takes up entering newspaper competitions as a full time job.  When he wins a few competitions, he is foolish enough to trust Sid to look after the money.

Main cast comprised: John Vyvyan, Dick Emery,, Campbell Singer, John Vere, Bruce Wightman, Basil Beale , Alec Bregonzi, Phillip Carr, Leslie Smith, Anthony Shirvell, Mario Fabrizi, Burt Kwouk, Nelson Grostate, Jimmy Rapael, Manville Tarrant and Hugh Lloyd.

11 There's an Airfield at the Bottom of my Garden 16.12.57

Hancock buys a house from Sid but discovers that there's an airfield at the bottom of his garden! Returning to Sid dissatisfied, he is forced to try to sell the house himself but he has considerable difficulty, some of them unscripted! This is because the set was designed to fall apart at a given point in the script but unfortunately, the set starts to fall apart too early and Hancock is forced to improvise!

Main cast comprised: John Vere, Dick Emery,, Esther MacPherson, Cameron Hall, Nancy Roberts, Gordon Philpott, Paddy Edwards, Leslie Smith, Claude Bonser, Vera Elmore, Anne Reid,, Brenda Duncan, Elizabeth Gott, Alec Bregonzi Evelyn Lund and John Vyvyan.

12 Hancock's 43 Minutes - The East Cheam Repertory Company 23.12.57

A complete departure from the usual show.  Hancock presents his own variety show from the Television Theatre but he has asked Sid to provide all the acts!

Main cast comprised: John Gregson, Max Geldray, Alf Silvestri,The Glamazons and The Keynotes.

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