BBC TV Series 2

Broadcast between 1st April 1957 and 10th June 1957, this series comprised 6 episodes all of which were broadcast live.  The BBC did record the first episode of this series for training purposes and this is the only episode of this series that survives.The series was broadcast fortnightly on Mondays at 2000. There were no repeats.

Regular cast comprised Tony Hancock and Sid James, (with the exception of episodes 1 and 2) with the main cast members detailed under each individual episode below.

1 The Alpine Holiday 1.4.57

Main cast included: Richard Wattis, Kenneth Williams, June Whitfield, Peggy Ann Clifford, John Vere, Dennis Chinnery, Patrick Milner, Victor Bryant, Manville Tarrant, Rose Howlett and Elizabeth Fraser.

Hancock upsets his fellow passengers on his flight to Switzerland and then discovers that he has to share his room at the hotel.  Initially he thinks that he is sharing his hotel room with an attractive French girl only to discover that he is really sharing the room with a yodeller and Alpine Horn player!

2 Lady Chatterley's Revenge 15.4.57

Main cast included: Warren Mitchell, John Vere, Paddy Edwards, Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques, John Vyvyan, Dennis Chinnery, Desmond Rayner, Raymond Rollett, Ann Lancaster, Rose Howlett, Evelyn Lund, Ann Reid, Alan Simpson, Charles Julian, Manville Tarrant, Claude Bonser, Lynne Cole and Jane Rieger.

Hancock is given a small part in the East Cheam Repertory Company's production of 'Moon Over Tahiti' but then they forget to tell him when the play is changed to 'Lady Chatterley's Revenge'!

3 The Russian Prince 29.4.57

Many cast included: Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques, Bill Fraser, Michael Balfour, Mario Fabrizi, Leonard Sharp, Harry Lane, Dennis Chinnery, Raymond Rollett, Janet Barrow, Ann Lancaster, Iain MacNaughton, Roger Oatime, Fraser White, Frank Pemberton and Gordon Philpott.

Hancock bumps his head and suffers from temporary amnesia.  Whilst he is unable to remember who he is, Sid persuades Hancock that he is Prince Nicolai, the last heir to the Russian Royal Family's fortune....but there are others making the same claim!!

4 The New Neighbour 13.5.57

Main cast included: Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Williams, John Vere, Bill Fraser and Mario Fabrizi

This episode was based on the 4th episode of the 3rd Radio series.  Hancock is worried by his new neighbour who keeps bringing in bodies and dumping them in an incinerator in the back garden. Hancock decides to investigate...

The original Radio Times listing of this episode can be viewed here.

This epsiode was re-created by the BBC as part of it's 'Lost Sitcoms' season and broadcast on 9.9.16.  Starring Kevin McNally as Tony Hancock, Robin Sebastian as Kenneth Williams, Jon Culshaw as Sid James, Katie Wix as Hattie Jacques and Kevin Eldon as John Vere.  The BBC Media website provided full details of the episode. Our archivist Tristan Brittain-Dissont and Bob Cook the President of the Steptoe and Son Appreciation Society were interviewed on Radio Kent on 11.3.16 and you can listen to interview here.

5 The Pianist 27.5.57

Main cast included: Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Williams, Mario Fabrizi, Roger Oatime, Manville Tarrant, Graham Leaman, John Vere, Ivor Raymonde, Claude Bonser, James Bullock, Harry Drew, Leonard Sharp, Raymond Rollett, Dennis Chinnery, Harry Lane, Angela Crow, Norman Grant and Nicky Grant

Hancock dreams that he has a job as a night club pianist and he falls in love with a foreign baroness.  But she is engaged and Hancock is challenged to a duel with her fiancee!.

6 The Auction 10.6.57

Main cast included: Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques, Gordon Philpott, Manville Tarrant, George Crowther, Harry Lane and Mario Fabrizi.

Sid and Hancock decide to auction off their property to pay for a trip to Monte Carlo to try out Sid's infallible roulette system.  But they discover that the stuffed eagle had been stuffed with banknotes!


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