Hancock on Record and Cassette Part 5 1986 - 1994

BP Great British Moments (1986)

This cassette release was given away by BP petrol and features extracts from the period 1945 to 1985 and includes Winston Churchill's victory speech, The Boat Race, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, James Bond, the 1966 Cup Final and Billy Connolly. The Tony Hancock contribution is an extract from The Missing Page.









Adventure & Excitement: Ron Goodwin & His Orchestra (EMS 1244) LP (B00008F5PX) CD 1987

Released in 1987, this LP and CD was a compilation of tracks from other Ron Goodwin LPs. Alongside Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines (which comprises a series of extracts from the various themes throughout the film) were 16 other tracks, all film related, and from diverse films such as Adventures of Black Beauty, The Magnificent Seven and Aces High.








Just Williams ZBBC1046 (1988)

This autobiography of Kenneth Williams features extracts from the 10 part Radio 4 series first broadcast 16 to 27 September 1985, which includes Kenneth discussing Hancock's Half Hour, Beyond Our Ken, Round The Horne, The Carry on Films and his numerous stage appearances.









Hancock's Half Hour Volume 1 ZBBC1008 (1988) 0563225459 (2000 re-issue)

Following on from the success of the BBC record / cassette releases of many programmes (including the 5 records above), the BBC Radio Collection was born. . Volume 1 featured The Poetry Society, Sid's Mystery Tours, The Americans Hit Town and The Unexploded Bomb. It represented a re-release of the first 2 volumes of the previous record collection. First editions did not feature incidental music, which was added in 1992. New artwork was created in 2000; both versions are illustrated here.






Hancock's Half Hour Volume 2 ZBBC1018 (1988) 0563225467(2000 re-issue)

Volume 2 was also released in 1988 and featured The Scandal Magazine, The Last of The McHancocks, The Sleepless Night and Fred's Pie Stall. This volume represented a re-release of volumes 3 and 4 from the previous record collection. Similarly to Volume 1, the 1988 release did not feature incidental music, which was added in 1992. New artwork was created in 2000; both versions are illustrated here.








The Dogs D'Amour: In The Dynamite Jet Saloon 837 368-1

This release on the China Records Label by The Dogs D'Amour (categorised on Wikipedia as 'Blues Rock') in 1988 was the band's second album and featured 3 hit singles in the UK. The Tony Hancock connection is with the final track, 'Wait Until I'm Dead', which was not only dedicated to Tony Hancock on the inner sleeve but also featured an edited version of the close out segment from the 'Pieces of Hancock' Pye recording when Tony advises the listener 'thank you for buying the record or if you are listening to it in a record shop, don't mess about, buy it!' Illustrated are a copy of both the album cover and the lyrics of the song dedicated to Tony Hancock. The album was also released on CD in 1990.


Hancock's Half Hour Volume 3 ZBBC1069 (1989) 056326366 (2000 re-issue)

This volume was released in 1989 and featured Hancock's War, The Christmas Club Handout, The Lift and Twelve Angry Men. This volume represented a re-release of volume 5 from the previous record collection and also a re-release of the 1976 LP entitled Hancock. The Lift and Twelve Angry Men were the only TV shows to be released in this series. In common with the first 2 volumes, there was no incidental music on the 1988 release, which was added in 1992. New artwork was created in 2000. The original 1988 (with and without signature tune versions) plus the 2000 covers are illustrated.





Harvey Andrews 25 years on the road HYLP 200 105 (LP, Germany, 1989) HYCD 200 105 (CD, Germany, 1989)

Released on the Hypertension label, this LP and CD from 1989 featured the Hancock homage Man With The Homburg Hat. The LP version contained 14 tracks with the CD version containing 17 tracks.









Hancock's Half Hour Volume 4 ZBBC1122 (1990) 0563410388 (2000 re-issue)

Released in 1990, Volume 4 was the last release to feature the episodes without incidental music. The music was added in 1992 and the cover was redesigned in 2000. This releases featured The Diary, the Old School Reunion, Hancock In The Police and The East Cheam Drama Festival.








Trivial Pursuit STAC2589 (1992)

The TV version of the board game features 99 TV extracts, including a 30 second extract from The Blood Donor (the very nearly an armful sequence). The questions included 'Name the programme' (the answer given was Hancock's Half Hour instead of Hancock) and 'What was Hancock's address in the series' (which was given as Railway Cuttings instead of Earls Court!). The other questions were 'Which crumple faced comedy actor often appeared on this programme' and 'Name the actor who played the doctor in this episode'.






Noels Hits LP (1991) LIPS101 (Chrysalis Records)

This album was compiled and sequenced by Adrian Juste, the Radio 1 DJ who often used to play short extracts of classic comedy as part of his radio show. The record, released in 1991, was provided exclusively to the licenced trade by Holsen Distributors and is described as a collection of real comedy classics and features a number of modern comedy stars (Ruby Wax, Smith & Jones amongst others) The Hancock tracks are extracts from the Pye recording of The Radio Ham and The Blood Donor. In addition to the actual extracts, little snippets appear between tracks by other artists. For example, immediately following the track 'Sex Counsellor' by Lenny Henry and Stephen Fry, Hancock makes an appearance saying 'he's a bit of a big head isn't he'!






Hancock's Half Hour Volume 5 ZBBC1128 (1992) 0563410647 (2000 re-issue)

Released in 1992, this release features Cyrano de Hancock, The Threatening Letters, Visiting Day and The Impressionist. Re-issued in 2000 with new artwork.









Radio Times Comedy Classics RT1

This release was given away free with the Radio Times in exchange for a voucher. The single cassette contains 14 extracts, 7 from television (including Blackadder, Yes Minister and Fawlty Towers) and 7 from radio (including Round The Horne, the Men From the Ministry and The Navy lark). The extract from Hancock's Half Hour, which is introduced by Paul Merton, comes from the Old School reunion. Lasting for just over 3 minutes, the extract is from the beginning of the show where Hancock receives his invitation to the school and tries on his old school uniform.








Hancock's Half Hour Volume 6 ZBBC1610 (1994) 0563395052 (2000 re-issue)

Released in 1994, this release features Almost a Gentleman, Sunday Afternoon At Home, Childhood Sweetheart and The Elopement. This was the first BBC release to feature a full episode that had previously been available on an earlier Pye release, albeit in edited form.








Tony Hancock & Friends (1994) number MATMC269

This cassette release on the Marble Arch and Castle Communications label features sketches from Benny Hill, Spike Milligan, Frankie Howerd, Tommy Cooper, Max Miller and June Whitfield. The Tony Hancock contribution was the complete The Blood Donor and The Radio Ham episodes. This is the cassette version of the CD 'The Laughing Box', which, interestingly, does not feature the Marble Arch Label.

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