Hancock on Record and Cassette Part 4 1978 - 1985

Ron Goodwin Story: The First 25 Years (LP) TWOSP108

This release from 1978 was a two record set of which the first record was stated as being 'free'. This first 'free' record featured recordings from Ron Goodwin's early years whilst the second record featured music from films, including the montage of tracks from Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines.









Fun At One REB371 (record ZCF371 (tape)

Back to the BBC, this release (in 1979) included extracts from a number of shows that had featured in the Radio One Programme 'Fun At One'. The artists featured were not the usual line up featured on BBC compilations and included Woody Allen, Shelley Berman and The Bickersons alongside The Glums, Ronnie Barker and Round The Horne. The Tony Hancock extract was a 4 ¬Ω minute segment from The Blood Donor starting from the moment Hancock goes in to see the Doctor.








Hancock's Half Hour REB394 (record) ZCF394 (cassette)

Other than This Is Hancock in 1960, this was the first release of complete radio half hours and was the real start of the BBC's archive release programme. Released in 1980, the shows on this release were Sid's Mystery Tours and The Poetry Society and were the most complete versions available in the archive at the time. However, similarly to The Lift from 1976, no incidental music was included. Investigation on the Internet has revealed that there is an alternative cassette release of this item, which appears to have been released in the Far East, although it may have been a bootleg. This was released in 1984 with similar artwork on the Quality 747 Variety label and numbered 5182. This release also featured Fullers Earth on the B side, which was attributed to the Goons on the sleeve, but was actually from a Peter Sellers EP called The Two Peters, which also featured Peter Ustinov on the other side.





Hancock's Half Hour REB423 (Record) ZCF423 (Cassette)

The second LP from this new series was released in 1981 and featured The Americans Hit Town and The Unexploded Bomb. Incidental music was again missing but both shows were otherwise complete. As with the Sid's Mystery Tours release, a Quality 747 Variety cassette version of this release exists. Numbered 5180, this version includes a track called One Life by The Goons on side B.








We Are Most Amused RTD2067 (Record) 4CRTD2067 (Cassette)

Released on the Ronco label in 1981, this double LP release featured 31 extracts from a wide range of comedians, including Rowan Atkinson, Monty Python, Billy Connolly and Not The Nine O'Clock News from the then current crop of talent and Joyce Grenfell, The Goons and Benny Hill with older recordings. The Tony Hancock extract was a 3 Minute extract from the Blood Donor starting from when Hancock goes in to see the Doctor.








Sounds Superb: Ron Goodwin & His Orchestra (MFP 1025 LP MFP TCMFP1025 Cassette) 1981

Released in 1981 on the budget 'Music For Pleasure' label, this double album was a re-release of the 1966 album Adventure and the 1961 album Serenade. Included are Miss Marple's Theme, 633 Squadron Theme from The Trap. The Hancock related track is entitled Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines but this is not just the title track but a series of extracts from the various themes throughout the film.








Laughing Stock of The BBC LAF1 (Record) ZCLAF 1 (Cassette)

Released in 1982, this album featured extracts from a number of releases available at the time and included a booklet advertising what was available. As can be seen, the Hancock releases featured were Unique Hancock, Hancock, The Poetry Society/Sid's Mystery Tours and The Americans Hit Town/The Unexploded Bomb. The 14 extracts featured on the 'Laughing Stock' album included Yes Minister, The Goons and Hoffnung. There were two extracts from Hancock: a 2 minute extract from the very beginning of 'Almost A Gentleman' and a 4 Minute extract from 'The Americans Hit Town', starting from the moment when Kenneth, inspects 23 Railway Cuttings.

Hancock's Half Hour REB451 (record) ZCF451 (cassette)

The third LP from this series was released in 1982 and featured The Scandal Magazine and The Last of The McHancocks. Incidental music was again missing but both shows were otherwise complete. As with the Sid's Mystery Tours release, a Quality 747 Variety cassette version of this release exists. Numbered 5179, this version just includes the two Hancock episodes and does not feature any additional material by the Goons.







This Is London No 1932-1982 (1982)

his LP was released in 1982 to celebrate 50 years of BBC external broadcasting and bears the strap-line '50 years of Broadcasting To The World'. Released on the BBC label, the superb LP is narrated by Leo McKern and features extracts from news, sports and World service programmes throughout the 50-year period. It contains 66 tracks and includes everything from the wedding of Prince Charles and the 1966 World Cup final to wartime broadcasts by Churchill, the announcement of D Day and VE Day as well as extracts from Hancock's Half Hour, ITMA and The Goon Show. These are included in this celebration of external broadcasting due to the programmes being made available to overseas radio stations through the Transcription Services issues. The Hancock extract lasts for about 1 minute and features Hancock announcing that he intends to emigrate. The extract is from the radio show 'The Emigrant'. This LP does not bear a 'normal' catalogue number; rather its number is 1932-1982 being the period covered by the LP. I wonder what Hancock would have made of being included on an LP with Churchill!!




Hancock's Half Hour REB485 (record) ZCF485 (cassette)

The fourth LP in the series was released in 1983 and featured The Sleepless Night and Fred's Pie Stall. Once again incidental music was missing but both shows were otherwise complete. A search of the Internet has not revealed any reference to a Quality 747 Variety version of this release. Please let us know if it exists.








Hancock's Half Hour REB526 (record) ZCF526 (cassette)

The final release in this series came in 1984, which made 5 releases in as many years; the greatest number of different shows released up to that time. This release featured Hancock's War and The Christmas Club Handout and, again, did not feature any incidental music. The Quality 747 Variety version of this release is numbered 5181 and just features the Hancock episodes.








Hancock Beyond The Grave HOM1 (record)

Also released in 1985 was this album on the Homburg Production / Castellon Enterprises label by James Gaskin. It is a tribute to Tony and is a pastiche of the Hancock character. Side 1 is Hancock's Heavenly Half Hour and side 2 Hancock's Hellish Half Hour.









Hancock's Parcel Service No Number (1985)

This cassette was issued in 1985 and was a promotional release for British Rail's Red Star Parcel Service. Starring Trevor Bannister, the scene is that Hancock has set himself up in opposition to Red Star but he is having trouble with his trained carrier pigeons.

In Memory of Alan Freeman DBL 007

Released the Dead Bird label to commemorate Alan Freeman's retirement from Pye Records (Alan was one of the joint founders of Pye Records), this single sided 12" record featured specially recorded extracts from Tony Hatch, Peter Sellers and others. The Tony Hancock extracts all came from the shows released on Pye records (The Blood Donor and The Test Pilot sequence) plus extracts from the specially recorded segments from 'Pieces of Hancock'. However, the extracts were broken up into small sections and interspersed with newly recorded additional commentary to make them relevant to Alan Freeman. So, for example, the comments in The Test Pilot saying how fast the aircraft can travel were made to relate to the speed of Alan's driving! An unusual record, which wasn't commercially released.

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