Hancock on Record and Cassette Part 3 1967 - 1977

The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin DG1291

This album from 1967 on the Disney label features the complete story with songs from the original sound track of the Walt Disney Motion Picture. Although this album does not feature Hancock, this is the album of the film that Tony started to make but was subsequently dropped by Disney








Pinky & Perky Hit Parade MFP A 8066 Release date 1968

Released on the Music For Pleasure label (the discount label from EMI) in 1968, this children’s record features 12 songs sung by the children’s puppets Pinky and Perky including the theme from the film ‘Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines’.









The World of British Comedy PA39 (Mono) SPA39 (Stereo)

Released in 1969, this album was a compilation of Decca comedy recordings and served as an advert for those recordings. Featuring 12 tracks with artists ranging from the great Marty Feldman (The Great Bell) to The Goons (Eeh! Ah! Oh! Ooh!), Frankie Howard (Ten Guinea Cruise) and Kenneth Williams (Hand Up Your Sticks). The Tony Hancock contribution was a 6 ¬Ω minute extract from the Decca recording of The Missing Page featuring the segment where Tony is in bed and decides to work out 'who dun it'!







John Barry Conducts His Greatest Movie Hits SS63038

Released in 1972, this album is a compilation of movie themes and includes the theme from You Only Live Twice, Thunderball, Goldfinger, The James Bond Theme as well as The Wrong Box.









50 Years of Radio Comedy REC138M

This delightful release from 1972 features 18 extracts from the previous 50 years of radio. Including some great early radio names such as Sandy Powell, Claude Dampier & Billie Carlyle and Robb Wilton together with extracts from a wide variety of programmes such as Variety Bandbox, Bandwagon, ITMA, Much Binding In The Marsh, Take It From Here, Round The Horne and The Navy Lark. The Hancock's Half Hour extract was a 4 minute extract from the beginning of A Sunday Afternoon At Home. This early BBC release was the first BBC release to feature Tony.



Unique Hancock LP, Cassette and 8-Track (Cassette No. REMC150, 8Track BBC RCT 8002)

Well, here it is!! Running for 53 minutes, the very first full BBC release of Hancock's Half Hour. Released in 1973, this release features 9 extracts from the radio shows: Almost A Gentleman, Christmas - East Cheam Style, PC Hancock - Have Feet Will Travel, Michael Hancockelo, The Doctor's Dilemma, Like A Dog's Dinner, Is That Your Car Outside?, With My Woggle I Thee Worship and The Hospital or Hancock Revisited. The sleeve notes state that all of these recordings were sourced from BBC Transcription Service archive recordings. Written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, the sleeve notes also include the following extract: 'The excerpts on this record were selected from various radio versions of Hancock's Half Hour originally broadcast in the 1950's and were taken from original sound tracks. They have not before been issued on record and in our view provide a good cross-section of the art of Tony Hancock.






Parkinson Meets The Goons REB163M

Released in October 1973, this LP features an edited recording of the Parkinson interview with Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers (plus Spike Milligan in a recorded link from Australia) broadcast on 28/10/72. This LP is included in this Hancock listing as Harry mentions Tony in passing as an example of a comedian that was not happy in his personal life.








Golden Hour of Tony Hancock GH577 (record), cassette and Y864 (8-track)

The new Pye budget range for the early 1970's, was marketed as The Golden Hour of. This release from 1974, which featured a delightful pastiche of the 1960's album cover of Pieces of Hancock, featured an edited version of the specially recorded link segments from the Pieces of Hancock album. Side 1 of the album featured The Wild Man Of The Woods (as appeared on the first Pye album This is Hancock). The second side featured an edited version of A Sunday Afternoon At Home (edited to 25 minutes and slightly shorter than the version that appeared on This Is Hancock) plus The Secret Life of Tony Hancock otherwise known as The Test Pilot sequence from The Diary. .

Comedy PYE IIPP201

Described as a ‘a special 4 record set, this 4 LP collection came in a sturdy cardboard box and contained  4 LPs in plain white standard inner LP sleeves in the box.  The albums were all from the Golden Hour series and comprised: ‘The Golden Hour of Tony Hancock’, ’The Golden Hour of Till Death Us Do Part’, ‘The Golden Hour of Steptoe and Son’ and ‘The Golden Hour of Comedy’.  This last LP comprised 2 compilation extracts on each side of the LP from the programmes  ‘It’s Marty’, ‘Round The Horne’, ‘The Frost Report’ and ‘The World of the Beachcomber’ (starring Spike Milligan) The set was badged with a gold label as ‘ A Pye Presentation Pack; 4 records at the special price of £4.70’.







Comedy Spectacular 40 Years of Television REB 249 (record) RMC 4048 (Cassette)

Issued in 1976, the next BBC release celebrated 40 years of BBC television with 14 comic extracts from the archive. Artists featured included Peter Cook & Dudley Moors, Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques and The Two Ronnies. Featured programmes included Steptoe & Son, That Was The Week That Was and Till Death Us Do Part. The Tony Hancock extract was a 4 ¬Ω minute extract from The Radio Ham starting from the moment Tony returns home with his new valves.




Someday by Harvey Andrews Transatlantic Records TRA 329 (LP, UK, September 1976)

This album from 1976 by Harvey Andrews includes the single dedicated to Hancock: 'Mr Homburg Hat' and 'Man With A Gun'










Hancock REB260 (record) RMC4055 (cassette) BBC RCT8018 (8 Track)

The first release of complete episodes from the BBC interestingly did not feature radio half hours. Rather it featured 2 complete TV episodes. Released in 1976, the episodes on this release were Twelve Angry Men and The Lift. Neither episode featured any incidental music for 'contractual reasons'; the programmes start with just audience applause. For The Lift, an additional line of dialogue was recorded by Hugh Lloyd for the section where Hancock re-enters the lift towards the end of the episode. The front cover features a great montage of photographs from the archives.







Be Bop Deluxe: Modern Music SHSP4058

Released in 1976 on the EMI Harvest label as an LP and on CD in 1990. Tony Hancock makes an appearance at the beginning of the title track in a segue of extracts from the radio (John Peel / Tony Hancock / Weather forecast) interspersed with the sounds of the radio being tuned. The 2 extracts are from A Sunday Afternoon At Home and feature Tony saying 'Stone Me' and Sid saying: 'There's one every week, there always has been and there's nothing we can do about it'.








Those Were The Days: London Concert Orchestra UAG29739

The original theme tune for Hancock's Half Hour by Wally Stott is included in a medley of comedy show themes on this release from 1976. Arranged by Paul Fenoulhet, the theme tune was played by the London Concert Orchestra. The album also featured other comedy themes, including Meet the Huggetts, Rays A Laugh and Educating Archie and variety themes including Variety Bandbox and Music While You Work.








A Silver Jubilee Of Memories SJM-001/2

Released on the Pageant Records label by Pye in 1977 to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee, this double LP record effectively provides a history of the Queen's reign told in music, news, sports and entertainment of the time and was narrated by Roy Castle. Extracts from the BBC archives included a number of recordings of Royal occasions whilst comedy extracts were from previous Pye releases, including Round The Horne and Steptoe and Son. The Steptoe extract was from the Royal Variety Performance single. For Tony Hancock, the extract was a nearly 3 minute extract from the Pye recording of The Radio Ham.


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