Hancock on Record and Cassette Part 2 1963 - 1966

Face to Face FTF38500

This ultra rare release on the Pye Picadilly label from 1963 features two interviews from the Face To Face programme on BBC. On one side is the interview with Stirling Moss and on the other the interview with Tony Hancock.  The LP was also pressed in Canada.  The Canadian version had the same artwork and number but was released on the Astral label.




Top TV Themes GGL 0196

Released on the Pye Golden Guinea label in 1963, this release featured 12 TV Themes from the period. Featuring themes from Steptoe & Son, Z Cars, Maigret and The Saint amongst others, the Hancock Theme was the theme from the early 1960's ITV Series. Interestingly, the Hancock theme music featured a specially recorded Voice Over by Tony, which was also released as a single. All of these themes were released on a CD featuring some 60 Themes from the 1960's in 1998. Called The Avengers and Other Top Sixties TV Themes, this double album was numbered: NEW CD 9


A Tribute To Tony Hancock ST897 (record) TT897 (reel-to-reel tape)

Released in 1964 on the World Record Club label, this release featured excerpts from the previous Pye Releases. Side 1 contained a 15 minute extract from The Blood Donor and a 13 minute extract from the Radio Ham (both extracts from the third Pye album 'Hancock'). Side 2 contained an 8 minute extract from The East Cheam Drama Festival entitled Jack's Return Home (from the Pye Album Pieces of Hancock) and an 18 minute extract from The Wild Man of The Woods (from the Pye Album This Is Hancock). It is worth noting that, although this LP was not released on cassette, it was released on a reel-to reel tape.


Make 'Em Laugh DMC771 Delyse Label 1964


The author found this LP in a local charity shop. Described as a seminar on writing for TV Comedy, the LP is a recording of extracts from this seminar with contributions from Sid Green & Dick Hills (Morecambe & Wise), Frank Muir & Denis Norden (Take It From Here) and Alan Simpson and Duncan Wood (Ray Galton was abroad at the time of recording). Annotated as one of the 'Delyse Master Series', the LP is a fascinating insight into how the writers of the day approached writing TV comedy and how this differed from writing for radio or the printed word. The Master Series is described on the sleeve as 'a series of talks, lectures, demonstrations and illustrations given by the acknowledged masters in their respective professions. The series covers writing, film production, The Voice, the actor in opera, solo instruments, choral conducting etc. It should be emphasised that these classes are not designed for elementary teaching but are, in fact, Master Classes given by Masters'. 'The record represents a unique opportunity to spend an hour in intimate, amusing and intensely valuable discussion with some of the acknowledged leaders in the world of television comedy writing. Not only ought the record to be of value to established and would-be writers of television comedy, but to all who take more than a superficial interest in their environment, especially schools and libraries'.


It's Hancock LK4740

Released in 1965 on the Decca label, this release comprised newly recorded versions of the TV shows The Missing Page and The Reunion Party. These recordings are the last time that Tony and Sid worked together. The episodes, which run for just over the half hour each, also feature Graham Stark, Clive Dunn, Frank Thornton, Robert Dorning and Eileen Way.





The World of Tony Hancock PA417

The first Pye releases were released on their budget label 'Golden Guinea'. In the same way, Decca released 'The Missing Page' and 'The Reunion Party' recordings from the 'Its Hancock' LP on their budget label in 1975. The Decca approach to its budget range was to retain the standard Decca label but to release their budget series under 'The World Of' title. The World of Tony Hancock is identical to the previous 'It's Hancock ' release.








The World of Tony Hancock 820 892 2

Long after the demise of the Decca Budget range, The World of Tony Hancock was re-released with the same artwork as previously, but this time on CD and Cassette. Released in 1990, this release has been deleted for some years.









The World of Tony Hancock 820 895 4

Released in 1994, this cassette only release is the last cassette version of The Missing Page and The Reunion Party to be released and features the same photo as the previous World of Tony Hancock releases. The Decca recordings of The Missing Page and The Reunion Party enjoyed a well-deserved re-mastered CD appearance in 2007. The CD release of It's Hancock features the original artwork from the first LP release.








Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines SL10136 (Mono) TFS 4174 (stereo) TFM 3174 (DJ Version)

Released on the Stateside EMI label in 1965, this rare LP features the soundtrack from the film Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines and also includes some of the dialogue from the film with Tony making an appearance on the track 'Meanwhile Back At The Airfield' and covers his ingenious backwards flying design!! A reel-to reel version was also released. A special pressing for radio use featured just the music without any of the dialogue. This featured the same front sleeve design but bore a sticker advising 'Special for DJ's! Music Only No Dialogue. Spin this magnificent music for your playing pleasure.'


Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines No Fox SJET7729 (1965)

This LP release was made for the Japanese market and featured different artwork to the standard release. The record itself was identical other than this album starts with Arizona followed by Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines whereas all other pressings have these two tracks the other way round.






Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines Open End radio Interview No: FM2 (1965)

This LP was released solely to radio stations. Recorded on location at Booker Airfield, London, it contains interviews with Irina Derrick, James Fox, Alberto Sordi, Sarah Miles, Stuart Whatman and Terry-Thomas. Only the answers to questions are on the record; the questions are on a sheet accompanying the record and it was intended that the radio presenter ask the questions on the sheet and then plays the LP with the answers from the stars of the film.







The Wrong Box 56088 (Mono) S6088 (Stereo)

Released on the Mainstream Records label in 1966, this album is also very difficult to track down and features the soundtrack from the film The Wrong Box. Tony does not make an appearance on this album. The label illustrated is of a promotional copy that was provide to radio stations ahead of the commercial release.






Great Film Themes (ACL 1207) 1966

This LP features 14 film themes by a variety of artists. Including The Ipcress File, A Spoonful of Sugar and Goldfinger, the Hancock related track is Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines, here performed by The Mike Leander Orchestra.









Adventure: Ron Goodwin & His Orchestra (TWO142) 1966

Released in 1966, this LP features 12 film related tracks, with many composed by Ron Goodwin himself. Included are Miss Marple's Theme, 633 Squadron Theme from The Trap. The Hancock related track is entitled Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines but this is not just the title track but a series of extracts from the various themes throughout the film.


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