Hancock on CD Part 4 2006 - 2012

Hancock's Half Hour Comedy Zone 2 ISBN 0563 496428 (2006)

Released in Australia is Comedy Zone No 2, although the copyright date on the reverse is 2003. The episodes are the same as those featured on Volume One of the cassette release, with faded out closing music on The Poetry Society whilst the music on Sid's Mystery Tours is in full. The release states that there are regular index points on the CD but doesn't state where the second episode starts! With Comedy Zone 1, this CD effectively completes the release of Volume One of the original cassette release on CD in Australia. The booklet (single sheet!) contains little information and the cast list includes Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Williams, Alan Simpson and Jerry Stovin in error. This is an odd release, because The Very Best Episodes Volumes 1 and 2 CDs are available in Australia and contain both of these episodes in a far superior presentation.





The Lost Episodes (2006) ISBN 10:1 846 071615 (13: 978 1 846 071614)

As part of the BBC's Treasure Hunt for lost episodes of many historic programmes, two radio editions of Hancock's Half Hour were found. Recorded originally on expensive reel to reel tape, these episodes were re-mastered and issued for the first time on this release. These episodes were The Blackboard Jungle and The New Secretary. In addition to these two episodes, a second disc features archive programmes from 2001 (In Conversation With Galton & Simpson) and 2003 (Six Characters In Search Of An Answer: Tony Hancock)







The Very Best Episodes Volume 3 (2006) ISBN 10:0563 504137 (13: 978 0 563 504139)

The next release in -The Very Best Episodes' series featured The Last of the McHancock's, The East Cheam Drama Festival, Visiting Day and the Threatening Letters. All episodes contain full close out music, an excellent track index and a detailed high quality booklet.










The Libertines: Up The Bracket  June 2007 B00006JSIU

This album by the rock band The Libertines, contains the Hancock inspired track ‘Up The Bracket’.

The title "Up the Bracket" alludes to the phrase used by Hancock meaning a punch in the throat. Hancock is also referenced in the opening track, "Vertigo" - "lead pipes, your fortune's made", being a line from the Half Hour episode "The Poetry Society". The lead singer of the band, Peter Doherty is known to be a lifelong fan of Hancock.  Interestingly, the line "Up the Bracket" is also a slang term for snorting cocaine.







The Rothko Room: Howard Bragen B0010V55HQ (2007)

This album, which is available for download in the UK but released on CD in the US features a track called Hancock's Half Hour although Tony doesn't feature.










It's Hancock Promotional Release 2008 (No number)

This promotional release from 2008 is identical to the commercially available release and contains the Decca 1965 recordings of The Missing Page and The Reunion Party.









It's Hancock (2008) (984 315-9)

Released as part of a series of re-released original LPs from the Decca Label, its Hancock features both the original front and rear covers plus a detailed history of Hancock's Half Hour in a high quality 16 page booklet. The series also features, amongst others, The Goons, Frankie Howard, Marty Feldman, Eric Sykes, Hattie Jacques and Kenneth Williams. The two Hancock episodes are, of course, the Decca recordings of The Missing Page and The Reunion Party. Although a label on the front of the box states -First Time on CD for this classic title', these episodes have previously been available on CD: The World of Tony Hancock, which has long been deleted. This, however, is a vastly superior release. Well done Decca!






Harvey Andrews: I'm Resigning From Today TRRDD403

Released in July 2007, this anthology comprises 35 tracks over 2 CDs. The first CD comprises both the -A' and -B' side of the 1976 single Man With A Gun. The -B' Side of this single was the song Mr Homburg Hat, which was dedicated to -The Lad Himself'.









The Very Best Episodes Vol 1 Audio Download (9781405626958)

This release is identical to the CD release and features Sid's Mystery Tours, The Wild Man Of The Woods, A Sunday Afternoon At Home and The Poetry Society. The Audio Download is available from the BBC Shop and is available in Windows Media Player Format; it is not I-Pod compatible.









Hancock's Half Hour (ISBN 978 1 408 400128) 2008

This CD formed part of a budget series of CDs including Frankie Howard, Just A Minute and Dad's Army. The release features The Poetry Society and Sid's Mystery Tours and states that these episodes were previously available on the BBC Radio Collection Hancock's Half Hour Volume 1. The versions included are, therefore, the same as those on the original audio cassette collection.








BBC World Of Comedy Hancock's Half Hour (WOC1006) 2008

Although branded as a BBC Release, this new World of Comedy series is released by Demon Records. Releases in the series include, Vicar of Dibley, Fawlty Towers and Blackadder. This first volume includes the audio cassette versions of The Americans Hit Town and The Unexploded Bomb. Interestingly, the release states that the episodes were previously available as BBC Comedy Zone, which was not available in the UK.








The Wrong Box CD HRKCD8300 (Dec 2008)

This CD on the Harknes Records label features the delightful John Barry soundtrack from The Wrong Box. This first CD release of this soundtrack includes a detailed and informative 18-page booklet.









Unique Hancock 978-1-408-40982-4 (April 2009)

This excellent CD is the first Hancock release in the new Vintage Beeb series which features releases of LP's previously only available on vinyl or cassette. Unique Hancock was the first Hancock BBC vinyl release and, appropriately, is one of the first batch of Vintage Beeb releases, which also features Round The Horne, Fawlty Towers and Willo The Wisp. This release contains 9 extracts from Hancock's Half Hour on the radio with delightful titles such as With My Woggle I Thee Worship, Is That Your Car Outside and P.C. Hancock –have feet, will travel! This release features the original artwork from both the front and back covers; the original LP sleeve note is also reproduced in a readable size inside the booklet.






Hancock's Half Hour: The -Lost' TV Episodes ISBN 978 1408 426821 (6th Aug 2009)

This release features the soundtracks from 2 television episodes that are no longer in the BBC archives. The episodes are both from the fourth series and are The Flight of the Red Shadow and The Wrong Man. Both of these episodes were recorded by fans when they were first transmitted and are therefore one of the earliest examples of home television recordings. Both of the episodes were in the THAS archives but have been enhanced using the latest BBC technology. A planned release of two further episodes (The Horror Serial and The Beauty Contest) have not materialised.







Hancock's Half Hour: The Lost Radio Episodes ISBN 978 1 4084 2758 3 (5th Nov 2009)

This release features 2 episodes that are no longer in the BBC archives, although a copy has been in the THAS library for many years. These recordings have been enhanced using the latest BBC technology but are very clearly off air recordings. The episodes featured are The Diet (first broadcast 7th December 1955) and Sid James' Dad (first broadcast 28th October 1956).








Hancock ISBN 978-1-408-42739-2 (Feb 2010)

The second CD release from the -Vintage Beeb' series was a re-release of the album Hancock. For this release, the CD was styled as a replica vinyl album with a black playing face and the appearance of 6 tracks on the label side. The contents are identical to the original vinyl, featuring the TV episodes -The Lift' and 'Twelve Angry Men' with no music. The Lift also features the extra line of dialogue recorded by Hugh Lloyd specifically for this release 'mind the door button'. Featuring all of the original artwork and sleeve notes, this excellent release sits perfectly alongside Unique Hancock, the first release in this series.






Remembering Kenneth Williams ISBN 978 1408 466575 (Aug 2010)

Released in the Autumn of 2010, this release primarily features numerous appearances of Kenneth Williams on chat shows, including Wogan and Parkinson. There is a short extract from the only surviving television Hancock's Half Hour featuring Kenneth, The Alpine Holiday.









The Golden Age of BBC Comedy ISBN 978-1408467633 (Nov 2010)

Released in November 2010, this release formed part of a new series from the BBC featuring the earliest surviving episodes from such shows as Take It From Here (with 3 of the episodes dating from the 1940's), The Goon Show, Round The Horne and The Navy Lark. The Hancock release followed the same format and featured the 4 oldest surviving episodes as follows: -The First Night Party', -The Idol', -The Boxing Champion' and -The New Car'. This was the first release outside of the box sets of all of these episodes except for “The First Night Party” which was previously released on the cassette only Hancock: A Celebration.







This Is Hancock B004INTNHG (14th Feb 2011)

Tony's debut LP from 1960 received its first CD release on 14th February 2011. The CD featured the original front cover artwork although does not contain the original sleeve notes. Instead the booklet's centre spread contains details of other Hallmark releases, including The Goons album 'Ying Tong Songs'. The disc contains the episodes -The Wild Man of The Woods' and 'A Sunday Afternoon At Home', both in edited form as per the original LP. This CD is a welcome addition to the growing range of original Hancock vinyl albums now available on CD.







Pieces Of Hancock B004MLXR1M (14th March 2011)

Released on 14th March 2011 is the first CD release of Tony's second LP from 1960 following on from the CD release of Tony's first album This Is Hancock on 14th February 2011. The CD is on the Hallmark label numbered B004MLXR1M and is priced at £4.99 on Amazon. This disc contains extracts from 4 of Tony's shows: 1. The East Cheam Drama Festival 2. The Secret Life Of Anthony Hancock (from The Diary) 3. The Publicity Photograph and 4. The Threatening Letters. The tracks are linked with specially recorded material that has never been released on CD before. The CD description on Amazon is: -Whilst the first Tony Hancock LP This Is Hancock has featured just two of his radio shows, Pieces Of Hancock took elements from four to make some of a mini best of. In so doing, it allowed some of the other cast members, most notably Kenneth Williams, to stand out from the crowd. It proved to be another big selling success, hitting the Top 20 in November 1960. Written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson Starring Tony Hancock, Sidney James, Hattie Jacques, Bill Kerr and Kenneth Williams'.




Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines Intrada Vol 161

The soundtrack of the film Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines was released on CD in April 2011 on the Intrada Special Collection label (numbered Vol 161). Although this CD bears an edited version of the artwork from the original vinyl LP, it is not a release of that LP. The original LP only featured highlights of the music from the film and also included extracts from the dialogue. This new release is the complete soundtrack and, as it doesm't include any dialogue, doesn't actually include Tony. The whole album is mastered from the unedited original 1/4" two-track stereo session mixes and the sound quality is great. The sleeve indicates that this release is limited to just 2000 copies so won't be available for long.






Vintage Beeb Comedy Favourites No: 9781445861517 6/10/11

Released on 6th October, this is a box set of 10 CDs which were all previously available individually in the Vintage Beeb series. As with the individual releases, this set contains facsimile vinyl-look CDs with original album sleeve notes. The following CDs are included: 'I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again', 'The Two Ronnies', 'Fawlty Towers', 'Fawlty Towers: Second Sitting', 'Hancock: The Lift & Twelve Angry Men', 'It's Morecambe & Wise', 'Frankie Howerd: Please Yourselves', 'The Best of Round the Horne', 'Round the Horne Vol.2' and 'Dad's Army'.







The Bricklayer; 17 Comedy Classics (Label: Alto No. ALN1929, release date 8/11/11)

Released in November 2011, this collection includes items from Gerard Hoffnung, Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren, Tom Lehrer, Flanders & Swann, Peter Cook, Bob Newhart, Paddy Roberts, Irene Handl, Kenneth Williams, Lance Percival and others. The album is named after Gerard Hoffnung's famous telling of 'The Bricklayer's Story' at the Oxford Union Speech in 1958 which appears alongside the 'French Widows' sequence from the same speech. The Tony Hancock contribution also features Patrick Cargill and is a 4 minute extract from The Blood Donor starting from the moment Hancock greets the Doctor in a broad Scots accent!







The Best Of Hancock (Hallmark) B006GP3TQA Release Date 1/1/12

This release is a re-release of the budget Hallmark album featuring The Blood Donor and The Radio Ham 1961 Pye recordings. Priced at £5.44 on Amazon on release, this release clearly remains in the Budget Range.









The Golden Age Of Light Music Holiday For Strings GLCD 5189 (Released January 2012)

Released by Guild Music, the emphasis in this collection is on strings, although this is not exclusively the case. Described by Guild Music as a selection of 28 light music cameos, this CD contains the first CD release of the theme from The Rebel (released originally as a 7” single) together with the 'B' side, Ou La La, both pieces performed by Frank Cordell. The CD is available direct from Guild Music and is also available from both Amazon and ITunes as downloads.








Hancock's Half Hour (Vintage Beeb) 978-1408470589 Release Date 2/2/12

The latest release in the Vintage Beeb series is Hancock's Half Hour Vol 1, featuring The Poetry Society and Sid's Mystery Tours both heavily edited and without any incidental music as per the original vinyl and cassette release. As with other releases in this series, the CD is a facsimile of the vinyl LP. A nice release and great to see the original artwork recreated for both the front and rear covers.








Legends Original Recordings SO92277262 Released 1/3/12

Released in March 2012 on the Global Journey label, this CD collection includes a selection of 10 classic comedy tracks including Laurel & Hardy in London, Victor Borge: Punctuation and an entire Goon Show (The Jet Propelled Guided Naafi), edited to exclude the musical items.  The Hancock track is ‘The Doctor’s Dilemma originally from the Unique Hancock Release.








Hancock’s Half Hour – The Best of Tony Hancock (Released 21/5/12) Regis FEC6202

Released on the Regis record label, this 2 CD set brings together most of the Pye recordings / releases from the early 1960’s into 1 set.  The only item that is missing from this release is ‘The Threatening Letters’ excerpts from ‘Pieces of Hancock’.  The CDs contain the following extracts:
CD1 (77 minutes) ‘The Wild Man of the Woods’ (29.29), ‘A Sunday Afternoon at Home’ (26.07) and ‘The East Cheam Drama Festival’ (21.45).
CD2 (78 minutes) ‘The Publicity Photograph’ (12.25), ‘The Secret Life of Anthony Hancock’ (9.14), ‘The Blood Donor’ (28.18) and ‘The Radio Ham’ (27.55)








Hancock’s Greatest Comedy Classics B0091SHLAE Released 3 Sept 2012

This release on the One Day Music label features the Pye recordings of The Blood Donor and The Radio Ham.  The second disc features The Wild Man Of The Woods and A Sunday Afternoon at Home from the earlier Pye album This is Hancock.










The Blood Donor and The Radio Ham B009G2ZIIM Released 26/11/12

Released on the Xtra label, this CD release features the Pye recordings of The Blood Donor and The Radio Ham plus a track from the EP Little Pieces of Hancock Vol 1:  The Secret Life Of Tony Hancock. The image for this release is not yet available.











Geniuses of British Comedy B009135X11 November 2011

This 3 disc set features Tony Hancock, The Goons and Peter Sellers.  The Tony Hancock disc features a further release of The Radio Ham and The Blood Donor, The Goons disc features the episode Tales of Old Dartmoor plus a number of singles by The Goons including Ying Tong Song and I’m Walking Backwards for Christmas.  The final disc features tracks from Peter Sellers solo recording career including the famous Balham: Gateway To The South and Any Old Iron.









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