Hancock on CD Part 2 1996 - 2001

A Pye In The Face 1996 (Number GEM CD007)

Released on the Diamond label, this superb release featured 21 tracks from Pye EPs and singles from the 1960s. Tracks included both sides of the EP called 'Steptoe & Son at The Palace, John Cleese & 1948 Show Choir with The Ferret Song and Benny Hill's Harvest of Love. The Hancock recording is entitled Wing Commander Hancock from The Diary. The version on the CD is just under 4 minutes and is the rare shortened single version - not the version which appeared on the EP Little Pieces of Hancock Vol 1, which was entitled 'The Secret Life of Anthony Hancock'.







Tony Hancock: The Blood Donor & The Radio Ham 1997 (Number PLS CD 219)

This is very nice release, featuring not only digitally re-mastered copies of the Pye recordings of the Blood Donor and The Radio Ham, but also utilising the original album artwork. Released on the Pulse Label, a subsidiary of Castle Communications, each episode comprises just one track, so it's a little difficult to navigate! However, retailing at just £2.99, this release was exceptional value for money. The reverse of the album sleeve provides a cast list, whilst the credits inside the two page booklet attribute The Blood Donor to Simpson / Galton / Stott (Angela Morley), whilst The Radio Ham is attributed to Simpson / Galton / ALS Management Ltd.






Let's Have A Laugh No EMPRCD 750 (1997)

Released in 1997 on the Emporio label, this album was a collection of 16 'Great British Comedy Themes' played by the London Theatre Orchestra. These new versions included the themes from 2 Point 4 Children, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, Steptoe plus, of course, the radio version of the Hancock's Half Hour theme.









The Avengers & Other Top Sixties TV Themes NEM CD 976 (1998)

Featuring no less than 60 TV Theme tunes from the 60's from Stingray, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet through to the Theme from Love Story and Doctor Finlay's casebook. The release also includes the Steptoe theme as well as the rare theme from Tony's early 1960's ATV Series, which includes a specially recorded voiceover by Tony.









Invisible People B00024YGR (1998)

This album, released by Robb Johnson in 1998, comprises 12 songs, including a homage to Hancock called Hancock in Australia.










Adventure/Legend of the Glass Mountain (Ron Goodwin) No 7243 495621 27

This double CD from 1998 is a re-release of the 1966 Ron Goodwin album 'Adventure' and the 1968 album 'Legend Of The Glass Mountain. The 'Adventure' album contains a track called 'Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines' which is a montage of tracks and themes from throughout the film.









BHS Comic Release (1998)

This release, which was exclusive to BHS, features 12 'Comedy Sketches from classic comedians. The selections were very different from the usual BBC compilations and featured Jo Brand, Billy Connolly, Julian Clary, Spike Milligan and Pete and Dud. The Hancock extract was a 5 minute sequence from the Pye recording of the Blood Donor starting with the buzzer and the nurse saying 'Well' Doctor is ready for you now' running through to the moment he actually gives blood.







The Music of John Barry (494507 2) 1999

Released in 1999, this CD features 24 tracks played by the John Barry Orchestra, including Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice and Thunderball. The Hancock related track is the Theme from The Wrong Box.









Tony Hancock Blood Donor/ Radio Ham (Laughing Stock LAFCD10) (CD)

This is the Australian version of the Laughing Stock Blood Donor/ Radio Ham release from the late 1990s










Best Comedy Album In The World Ever 2000 (Number VTDCD 332)

The next release was a 3 CD set, comprising 60 comedy tracks from a diverse range of comedy recordings including, for example Monty Python and Flanders and Swan. This release featured extracts from the Pye recording of The Blood Donor and The Radio Ham. The Extracts were broken up into three sections. The Blood Donor Part 1 (on Disc 1) is a 5-minute excerpt starting with the dialogue between June Whitfield and Tony: 'Doctors ready for you now' and includes all of the actual blood donor sequence. The Blood Donor Part 2 is also on Disc 1. This excerpt lasts for just over 3 minutes and starts with Hancock phoning the hospital and runs through to the end of the episode. The third extract is from the Radio Ham and is on Disc 3. This extract lasts for nearly 4 minutes and starts with Hancock speaking to Belgrade whilst using the loudspeaker, covers his interaction with Belgrade, Malaya and Birmingham and ends with the Tony detailing how he is going to deal with birds sitting on his aerial.





Havin' A Laugh 2000 (Number PBXCD 454/2)

Havin' A Laugh is a 4 CD set issued by Castle Pulse, now listed as a subsidiary of Sanctuary Records. CD 1 features a selection of 7 Billy Connolly sketches and songs, CD 3 contains 23 Benny Hill songs and CD 4 a selection of 14 sketches / songs by various artists including Dick Emery, Tommy Cooper, Victor Borge and Roy Hudd. CD 2 contains the Hancock contribution, which is yet another release of the PYE recordings of The Blood Donor and the Radio Ham. This time the full original episodes are included.








Top Comedy Classics 2000 (no number)

This release was the first of a number of compilation CDs, featuring a range of excerpts from BBC Comedy, and given away free. The issue was given away free with the Daily Mail in 2000 and featured 18 tracks from modern programmes such as The League of Gentlemen and Radio Shuttleworth and classic comedy from programmes such as The Goons and Steptoe. The CD was included in a bag with the paper, so no voucher was required. The extract from Hancock's Half Hour was 3 and minutes from A Sunday Afternoon at Home. The extract starts with the opening music, which fades to Hancock discussing his star sign ('the crab'), Hattie's dinner ('it wasn't worth getting up for'), the new way to cure gall stones and finally the discussion as to what odd jobs need doing ('I'm not mending your bed again'). The extract ends with a short sequence of incidental music. This is an interesting release in that the extracts are all carefully compiled, with the addition of the incidental music a nice touch.




10 Of The Greatest Comedy Sketches Of All Time Vol 2 2000 (Number BBCLATER02)

Released in 2000, this release contained 10 extracts from the BBC archives. Principally comprising television extracts, the shows represented included The League of Gentlemen, Dad's Army and Knowing Me, Knowing You. The Hancock extract, which lasted just under three minutes, came from the episode 'Agricultural Hancock' and starts with Sid trying to work out where he can find a farm for Hancock. The booklet features an advert for the cassette Hancock's Half Hour 10 and the VHS video Comedy Greats.







Hancock's Half Hour The Collector Edition Series One 2000

What a landmark release this was! The very first of the BBC 'whole series' box sets and featuring all of the surviving programmes of Series One.










Classic 60's TV Themes (2001)

Released on the Castle Select Records label, this CD release included 25 TV themes from the 60's ranging from Theme from TFI Friday to Crossroads and from 'Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler (from Dad's Army) to Old Ned (Steptoe & Son). The Hancock contribution was the theme to the 1960's ITV series Hancock, which included the specially recorded voiceover by Tony.








Hancock's Half Hour The Collectors Edition Series Two and Three 2001

The surviving episodes from Series 2 and 3 were released during 2001. Both of these releases were an improvement on the First Series release, in that each CD contained a track listing and so it was easier to see where the second episode on each disc started!







Comedy That Stands Out From The Crowd 2001 (no number)

This release was another 'free' compilation. This release features 13 extracts primarily from classic comedy, including The Al Read Show, The Goon Show and Round The Horne. The Hancock's Half Hour extract was listed as: 'I Know How He Does It from Hancock's Half Hour Vol 3' and lasts for just under 3 minutes. The sequence, which comes from 'the Conjuror', starts with Hancock on stage at the prison, starting his conjuring act and runs through to Kenneth Williams coming onto to the stage to 'help' with the tricks. This extract does not feature any incidental music, but does include Kenneth Williams's great performance as the 'Snide' prison governor.






Great BBC Comedy 2001 (no number)

his release was given away free with any purchase at MVC stores. The release came with a two-page booklet advertising recent BBC DVD releases, noting that they were 'Great Gifts For Christmas'. The releases advertised included the DVD Great Comedy Moments, which included some extracts from Hancock on TV. The CD contains 14 extracts from BBC programmes, all of which are modern TV or radio programmes other than the Hancock extract. However, the Hancock extract makes sense as an advert for the Great Comedy Moments DVD, although it would have made more sense for an extract from a TV programme to have been included on the CD. Other than Hancock, extracts on the CD include Deadringers, The Fast Show and The Royle Family. The Hancock extract lasts for 3 minutes and is an extract from 'Agricultural Hancock. Starting with incidental music, the extract is the sequence when Sid tries to sell Lords Cricket ground to Hancock as a farm.




Best Of British Comedy Volume 1 2001 (No Number)

This CD was given away free at Little Chef motorway restaurants. Comprising 14 tracks from a range of mainly TV programmes including Morecambe & Wise, Yes Minister and Monty Python, The Hancock track was an extract from The Americans Hit Town. The CD's cardboard sleeve detailed where a full version of each extract could be purchased. For the Hancock episode, this was listed as being from 'Hancock's Half Hour Volume 1', being the cassette release. Volume 2 in this series did not feature an extract from Hancock's Half Hour.







Best Of BBC Comedy Volume 3 2001 (No Number)

This release was also given away free at Little Chef restaurants, this time featuring 13 extracts from a range of both TV and radio programmes including Fawlty Towers and Porridge from the TV and The Goons and I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue from the radio. The Hancock extract was from Agricultural Hancock, which was listed as being from 'Hancock's Half Hour Volume 10, which again was the cassette release.








The Very Best of BBC Comedy (No Number)

This release features 21 tracks ranging from The League of Gentleman and The Royale family to The Goons and Dad's Army. The Hancock extract is a 3 minute from Agricultural 'Ancock starting from Sid's discussion with Kenneth as to where they could find a property for Hancock.









The Ultimate BBC Classic Comedy CD 2001 (No Number)

This CD was given away free with the Daily Mail. Comprising a massive 17 tracks from a wide range of TV and radio programmes as diverse as Vicar of Dibley, Round the Horne and Last of The Summer Wine, the Hancock extract was from The American's Hit Town, again listed as being from the cassette release 'Hancock's Half Hour Volume 1'.








Hancock's Happy Christmas 2001 (Number ISBN 0563 53513X)

he final release for 2001 saw the first standard album release of Hancock's Half Hour on BBC CD. Called Hancock's Happy Christmas, the release was a duplicate of an audiocassette release of the same title, which was first released in 1999. Featuring Hancock's Happy Christmas, The Christmas Club, Bill and Father Christmas and The Diary, the three-page booklet included adverts for the first 3 Hancock boxsets, Fawlty Towers and The Goon Show and also included a brief biography of Tony Hancock. The tracks were each identified by the first line of dialogue from the track and so avoided the problems with the earlier WH Smith release, where errors crept in to the track names. This was the last CD release to duplicate an earlier audiocassette release. All future CD releases coincided with the audiocassette release.






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