World Drama Series – The Reunion / The Impasse/The Telephone Call

Published in 1966, the World Drama Series presented a wide-range of plays for schools including ‘plays written for the Greeks in the 5th Century BC through to plays written for English Television recently.’  Although these books could be read in class, they were also intended for schools to perform in front of an audience. For example, the book advises that you will need:

- actors;

- backstage workers;

- makers of scenery, property and costumes;

- an electircian; and

- a front-of-house organiser

The plays included in this edition were all from the Comedy Playhouse Series which Ray Galton and Alan Simpson wrote between leaving Hancock’s Half Hour and Steptoe & Son which was itself initially a script in the Comedy Playhouse Series.

The book has this to say on presenting the plays:

‘Alan Simpson and Ray Galton have written an enormous number of highly successful television plays, the most widely-popular being the series Steptoe & Son.  They also created and wrote Hancock’s Half Hour on B.B.C. Television, plus several series for Frankie Howerd.

The plays in this volume of the World Drama Series were written by Simpson and Galton for a B.B.C. television series entitled Comedy Playhouse.

The plays have been adapted for stage presentation, but we hope you will enjoy them whether you read them in the classrooms, use them for acting-practice, tape-record them, or perform them for an audience.’


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