The Rebel by Alan Holmes

This is the book of the film and was based very closely on Ray and Alan’s film script.  Issued in 1961 by Mayfair books, the synopsis on the inside front cover of the book reads as follows:

He was a rebel against conformity. He didn't want to catch the eight-thirty-two to the City each morning all his life. He had talent, artistic talent, and he pined for the Bohemian life of an artist.

A hilarious sequence of events sends him off to Paris, where the glib patter of his native London captivates the artistic fringe of Montparnasse, who acclaim him (not always soberly) as a genius. And soon it is believed.

Then follows a joyful life, with the wildest of parties with Existentialists who sleep in diving suits, dye their hair green, paint their pianos like Scottish tartans ... and do everything except catch trains for a living.

Overwhelming? Not for a rebel who has fought for an existence in the primitive wilds of London's Suburbia. Like a duck taking to water, the Rebel takes to the new life and riotously makes it his own.

This book is difficult to find these days in good condition.


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