Hancock's Half Hour Colllectibles is a series of CD releases that are bringing together rarities from the BBC Radio Archive.  Some of this material hasn't been heard for 60 years and many of the items have been recently recovered by the THAS.

This is the first of a series of 4 sets each containimng 5 CDs.

The contents of the series can, essentially, be divided into four categories:

  • Material from Tony’s career before the advent of Hancock’s Half Hour;
  • Previously unheard off-air broadcasts or soundtracks of Hancock’s Half Hour;
  • Documentaries made in the decades following Tony’s death; and
  • A range of ultra-rare recordings of Tony (or related to Tony).

Current indications of set content of Volume 1 are as follows:

  • The recently discovered soundtrack of The Horror Serial, a television episode of Hancock's Half Hour from 1959, plus remastered / extended versions of the following radio shows: The Blackboard Jungle, The Student Prince and The Test Match.
  • Also included are previously unreleased editions of Variety Bandbox, Calling All Forces and Educating Archie, all featuring Tony Hancock, and a host of rare archive interviews with the lad 'imself.
  • From 1964, 'Ancock's Anthology finds Tony Hancock interviewing Stirling Moss.

Overall, this is a fascinating collection of rare and remastered broadcast material starring Tony Hancock, Sid James and others.

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