Hancock's Half Hour Collectibles Series

Hancock's Half Hour Colllectibles is a series of CD releases that are bringing together rarities from the BBC Radio Archive.  Some of this material hasn't been heard for 60 years and many of the items have been recently recovered by the THAS.

The series will comprise 4 sets each containing 5 CDs or a download option is available.

The contents of the series can, essentially, be divided into four categories:

  • Material from Tony’s career before the advent of Hancock’s Half Hour;
  • Previously unheard off-air broadcasts or soundtracks of Hancock’s Half Hour;
  • Documentaries made in the decades following Tony’s death; and
  • A range of ultra-rare recordings of Tony (or related to Tony).



Volume 1:

Volume 1 contains the following:

  • Hancock’s Half Hour:
    • The Horror Serial – A newly discovered good quality recording of this episode (see the still from this show above).
    • The Blackboard Jungle – remastered with the latest technology.
    • The Student Prince and The Test Match – composite versions using existing Sound Archive versions and newly discovered extended off-air recordings
  • Variety Bandbox - 26.4.51 featuring Tony’s solo spot.
  • Calling All Forces – extracts from 3 programmes featuring Tony and Bill Kerr as guest stars.
  • Educating Archie – featuring the only surviving episode starring Tony from 19.10.51.
  • Royal Variety Performance - 9.11.52 featuring Tony’s solo spot.
  • Star Bill – 2 extracts (the only known to have survived) from the show broadcast on 21.3.54.
  • Variety Fanfare – a brief extract from Tony’s performance on 20.6.54
  • Interviews – 7 interviews featuring Tony, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, many not held in the THAS library.
  • ‘Ancock’s Anthology – (25.12.64) recreated and remastered from two different sources of material.
  • The Best of Hancock - from 11.8.68.
  • Tribute to Tony Hancock - by Tom Sloan 25.6.68.

Each CD set comes with detailed programme notes written by the THAS, featuring previously unseen photos from the BBC archives, which tell the story behind each recording.  A copy of the sleeve notes for Volume 1 can be downloaded here.

You can order a copy of the release at Amazon here.

Volume 2

This volume is expected to contain four further remastered or extended Hancock's Hlaf Hour episodes, more from Calling All Forces and a number of fascinating interviews and documentaries from across the years.

The second volume is also available for pre-order from Amazon here.

Once again the sleeve notes are being written by the THAS and will be published here in due course.